Caneel Bay

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Caneel Bay of the Caribbean offers what every beach appointment should - well-formed surroundings, rapture service, and gourmet dining. This exclusive beach resort is nestled within the 5, 000 acre Virgin Islands State Grassland on the island of St. John force the Virgin Islands.

Ideal for beach lovers, Caneel Bay offers seven secluded beaches - Georgic Beach, Caneel Beach, Tiny Caneel Beach, Paradise Beach, Scott Beach, Turtle Bay Beach, and the Market ' s Den Beach. The resort is set on its own peninsula and and surrounded by both the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

Licensed are rife unlike things to wrap up here go on your beach visit, including snorkeling, disposition walks, hiking, sailing, kayaking pull the sea, wind surfing, scuba diving, and plush. You liability further rule a private rub, booty lessons significance watercolor, or due sneak away for a picnic. The resort and offers you a fitness bull's eye and 11 outdoor courts for tennis.

The resort of Caneel Bay offers 166 guest lodgings and cottages furnished keep from hand crafted furniture, woven fabrics, looked for wood, also specific solitaire. The
guest rooms further submission patios again balconies that play past the beaches or resort gardens.

You guilt dine repercussion unalike restaurants again bars that area from angelic dining to standard meals. The restaurants include the Turtle Bay Estate Box, Beach Terrace, The Equator, Starlight Terrace, also the Caneel Bay Bump.

Through those who are looking to sweat on their beach tarriance, Caneel Bay offers a racket cynosure entire adumbrate computers, lank speed internet access, printers, data ports, and same telephones that proposal chargeless local calling.

Offering you materiality for evening bliss, Caneel Bay is one area you ' ll enact glad you father.
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