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Without meaning minify majesty of nature and his creator, the more interesting when we see the wonders of the world as a result of civilization. Especially after the organization called The New Open World Corporation says the new seven wonders of the world (The New Seven Wonders of the World), which include Chichen Itza in Mexico, Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil, the Great Wall China, Machu Pichu in Peru, the city ruins of Petra in Jordan, Colloseum in Italy, the Taj Mahal in India, and Piramida Giza in Egypt. Interesting, because the new seven wonders of the world that began 7 July 2007 this reap a lot of controversy.

UNESCO is making The New Seven Wonders of the World into a controversy. As an official UN organization that also will be responsible for preservation of Cultural Objects World Heritage, is associated with the UNESCO campaign rejected the seven new wonders of the world. An attitude that we consider appropriate, because as an institution that is responsible for world heritage, UNESCO can not prioritize its work only to the seven new wonders, and forget the other world heritage. Of course, including those in Indonesia, such as Borobudur, Prambanan, and Sangiran.

Let's go back further to the background, history predict the early emergence of the seven wonders of the world. Why have seven? For the initial spark, Antipater Sidon, making seven in a list of poems about the century 140 BC. "I have seen the magnificent wall Babilonia that lie on top of a street for the train-the train of war, and the statue of Zeus at Alfeus, and hanging gardens, and Kolosus sun, and work to build a large pyramid-high pyramid, and the tomb of the great Mausolus; but when I saw the house rise to Artemis the clouds, the other the loss of all its natural beauty, and I said, 'center, in addition to Olympus, Sun did not see any more of such noble. "(Antipater, Greek Anthology IX. 58).

So there's seven wonders of the world come. Solely derived from a personal opinion Sidon, which was then developed further. Now many people recognize the type of the seven wonders of the world. First, as shown in the list of Antipater Sidon. The only ancient wonder of the world that still have up to now is the Giza pyramid. Colossus of Rhodes is the ancient wonders of the world that are most short, only survived for 56 years before destroyed by the earthquake, while the existence of the Babilonia Garden, still controversial existence.

After the collapse of old, will recall the ancient wonders of the world is destroyed slowly disappear. Group of scholars writing a review and re-list the wonders of the world known as the seven wonders of the world, namely mid catacomb Kom el Shoqafa, Colosseum, Wall of China, Hagia Sophia, italics Pisa Tower, Menara china Nanjing (Nanjing, China), and Stonehenge (Scotland, United Kingdom). After the mid miracle, many people are already preparing the list of miracle Modern World, among others, Channel tunnel (the United Kingdom and France), CN Tower (Toronto, Canada), Empire State Building (New York, United States), the Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, USA), Itaipu Dam (Brazil and Paraguay), Delta Works (Dutch), and the Panama Canal (Panama).

Of course, Indonesia has also wonders, for example, as one of the Borobudur the great architecture in the era. Unfortunately, people often mention as the forgotten wonders of Borobudur. The forgotten wonders, such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Will be very wise if we do not restrict the wonders of the world to only seven. Because when we speak wonders, of course, we also speak of progress, until the birth architecture both architectural grandeur and aesthetic beauty. Every civilization, as well as each of the age, it will produce its wonders each. With restrict in a number of priority numbers will only forget the other, and this is a threat to sustainability.

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  1. Don't forget about the natural wonders! The Maldives are included in the search for the new wonders of the world for being a completely coral island country. The islands and atolls that make up the Maldives provide some of the best scuba diving in the world. Check it out www.scubadivemaldives.com

  2. 7 is kind of lucky number, state-ting kind of perfections. but true: i agree wonders of the world doesn't have to limited in number of 7 only. earth has the most nature and civilizations wonders compare to the whole solar system [?? hehe].


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