The Acropolis of Athens

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I have tell you about Komodo National Park and The next Nomination Of Seven Wonder is The Acropolis.
The Acropolis of Athens is the most recognized monuments in the world not only with the architecture and philosophy, but also by ideals, principles and values to bear.
This is located at an altitude of 150 m above the Sacred Hill of Athens, who had settled in the Age Neolithic. Samples of the life we have life and Mycenaean Age. 6. century. oldest dating Parthenon, which the Persians 480 BC when the occupied briefly in Jakarta ..
In 5o.m.Ch. (The «Golden Age») in which the greater Athens, the Edge of Pericles to the reconstruction of younger church. Small in the area of land managed by the human logic to include the building useful and functional for the time, building a shed at once religious, political, national, intellectual, artistic and economic situation of the power era, in Jakarta.

Architect and Iktinos Kallikrates create unique Parthenon, Doric temple stood by Pentelic marble column with 8-17 and closing on the length and ionic elements (such as a wall decoration peritrechei from outside the temple walls). Bait has been pronaos, enclosure (Nave) with ionic columns installed in a gold statue of goddess Athena and opisthodomos. In the necropolis of women who weave the veil of the goddess which will be issued by the Athenians during the celebration of Panathenea.
Metopes the east side of anaparistousan Gigantomachy, Amazonomachia west, north of the scene from the Trojan War and south Centauromachy.

Frieze that depicts Panathenaia involving around 360 people and animals.
The eastern pediment (which is the main entrance of ancient temples) introduced the Birth of Athena and the conflict between Athena and Poseidon west to the city.
Work is in progress from 447 to 438 BC, and the sculptor Pheidias completed sculptural decoration in the 432. Erechtheiou three parts built in the holy place in the ionic 420 in the south to protect the caryatid. In this function and the Temple of Athena.
The ionic Aptera amfiprostylos temple of Nike (a project of the Treasury of Athenians) at Delphi was built by 420 BC Kallikrates Wonderful is raised in victory the rest of the temple.

The Doric Propylaia on the west side of the Acropolis (except some ionic column) project architect Mnisikli built between 437 - 432 BC and not the statue decoration. They are the only entrance - access to the sacred rock. To the north is a large mural painting and Gallery. Rock up to the statue of the temple of Athena Promachon Artemis Vravrona, of Zeus, with the circular of August temple (built in Roman times), the Chalkothiki (of the tributes, etc. that Pandroseio Operated under the Acropolis and the Market Theater of Dionysus, and then the Odeon of Herod Atticus and Asklipio. Small place of worship and the sacred is in the stone cave.

The Athenians have been used and damaged members of an ancient temple in the northern fortifications of the Acropolis (from the market) not to forget to remember the young art of the disaster that occurred during the Persian war.
During the Byzantine era, the Parthenon is dedicated to the Virgin, turned to the Frankish church Romaiokatholiko and Ottoman Turks used the mosque and the powder keg. During the Venetians against the Turks (1687) Morozini who threw bombs at the Acropolis with the Parthenon to explode - and the powder keg blows. The destruction was completed in the 19th century with the attack by Lord Elgin marbles frieze and many pieces of the Parthenon and the transfer to the British Museum.
The Acropolis of Athens still represents freedom and the Republic of the nation and state.
In the list of World Heritage by UNESCO since 1987

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  1. This is the place where I was born. It would be nice if you could escape from the concrete jungle you can see under the Acropolis. I am glad I don't live there anymore


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