The Alhambra at Granada City (Spain)

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This is The next nominan of Seven World Wonder is Alhambra. The Alhambra is a city that is located in Palatine Andalusí Granada (Spain). This is a very rich and complex fortress (Alcazaba or Ksar-Andalusia), which housed the king's court and the Kingdom of Grenada Nazari. Its real attraction, as in works of other Muslim era, the interior decoration is in the art of Islamic summits.

In evolution, Castilian interlayer between F and RB, as in the carpet, which in classical Arabic language is the meaning of "redness", written as "humrah. The name Alhambra comes from what we read only one version, there are others who say that at the time was whitewashed Andalusian Alhambra and the color is white. The name "red" because it will be built while he was working in the evening and at night seen from a distance, because in the light of torches, is red. another author states that "Alhambra" is the name women away from the founder, Abu Alahmar, which in Arabic means "red" because red.

The Alhambra is a city (medina), which occupies most of the Cerro de La Sabika. Granada city fortress, the Alhambra, so that can function as to Grenada. Alhambra is on all the services necessary for the people who live there: the kingdom of palaces, mosques, schools, workshops, etc. Grenada in 1238 by entering the gate of Elvira, and to occupy the Palace of the Wind Gallo, Mohamed Ben-eagle-(or the Nasr), named Al-Hamar red (such as a red beard). When Ben-Al-Hamar (Mohammed-Ben-vow) winner came in Grenada in 1238, people received him with shouts of Welcome to the winners by the grace of God, which he said: Only God won.

This is the motto of the coat and also write Nasrid throughout the Alhambra. Ben-Al-Hamar, built the first core of the palace. His son Mohammed II, who was a friend of Alfonso X the Wise, fortified Rioja.

The style of the Alhambra in Granada is the peak arts Andalusí what happens to the mid-fourteenth century with Joseph I and Mohammed V in 1333 and 1354. In 1492, with the conquest of Granada by Catholic Kings, the Alhambra palace into the kingdom. The Count of Tendilla, the Mendoza family, is a first Christian mayor of Alhambra. Hernando del Pulgar, chronicler of the time, consider: The Count of Tendilla and Comendador Mayor de León, Gutierres Cardenas, Fernando el Católico received the keys of Granada, the Alhambra and went to the top of the Tower of Comares cross and the flag raising.
UNESCO World Heritage Committee declared the Alhambra and Generalife from Granada as a World Heritage Site at the meeting on 2 November 1984 and five years later, the environment El Albaicin (Al Albayzín), the ancient city of medieval Muslim, received the same name as the extension of the declaration as a World Cultural Heritage of the Alhambra and Generalife. The Alhambra is one of 21 candidates will be selected one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, but ultimately does not get this degree.

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