Giza Piramid in Mesir

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Great Giza pyramid is the oldest and largest pyramid of the three pyramid on the Giza Nekropolis and trusted that the pyramid was built as a tomb for Fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh, Khufu (Χεωψ, Cheops) and constructed for more than 20 years and is estimated to take place around the year 2560 SM. Pyramid is sometimes referred to as Khufu Piramida. Regions or Giza Giza El Gizeh, or also known or El Gizeh (Al Jizah) is the area that is located in the area near Cairo (Egypt), That pyramid is found here is that compared to the largest pyramid in the world.

Giza pyramid or the pyramid noble lie in the sand carpet has a temperature more than 35 degrees Celsius the pyramid consists of 3 large plus one Sphinx. Third is the pyramid Khufu (Cheops), Khafre (Rakhaef / Chephren) and Menkaure (Mycerinus) plus three small pyramid. Each pyramid of Cheops and Mycerinus have Chepren similarity Interior.

There are king room, queen room, the door of the tunnel (which is one quarter of diameter with 40 meters long). Most of the century is renowned as farmers. they use the river valley to be nil as their waters.

Giza pyramid complex built around the ancient nation of Egypt 5000 years ago, has a wide area of comparability between the distance of St Peter (Rome), Florence cathedral (Milan) to the St. Paul (London). Also believed to set in stone when the Giza pyramid together can create a wall 3 meters high as 0.3 meters with a thickness that can encompass the whole of France.

If compared with the Empire State Building in New York, This pyramid is larger 30-fold and can even be seen from the week. Meanwhile, Egypt older nation building in 30 years. Not to mention how to move from the rock and stone of pyramid into a high (some say to create a structure or slope as in the whorl of screw and then is painted with limestone on the outside layer).

There is a mention that the stone is a stone molding results, construction of accurate center of gravity and center objects. So, as expressed previously have said that that was built by UFO that connecting with portrait pyramid is Mars. There is a conjecture that the pyramid was built by men who were the future in the past.

There are also pyramid-related constellation Orion cluster with review of three lie stars of Giza pyramid and Mayapun Piramida believed to have a location and position of the same cluster based on the constellation Orion stars. In addition, also believed to have room under the Sphinx (called off Hall Records) which is the secret key to the Zep Tepi of a golden era past, when the pyramid at Giza is made.

According to research from scientists and Archeology, creating a pyramid of materials taken from several places. For example, limestone from Tura, granite from Aswan, Sinai and copper from the wood for the case of Lebanon which all transported through the Nile River. And labors who workers die average the age of 30 years as a spinal injury due to take a very heavy burden. Then there was also a way to help emergency workers to injury. How ever people say, know The Giza Pyramid is being a new seven world wonder in the world.

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  1. Egypt has strong the ancient building is still exist till now. it is great


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