St Basil cathedral in Russia

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St Basil cathedral in Russia, now is one of new seven world wonder that chosen by UNESCO as World heritage. Dome nine attractive color decorate the tip of Cathedral Saint Basil the Blessed or the cathedral or the Pokrovsky Cathedral Intersesi or better known as the St Basil cathedral in Russia nation bear the red is a peculiarity of boasting unparalleled in the world. For many centuries a traditional, multi-tent chapel building was used as a symbol of Russia's position is unique in Asia and Europe, and a distinctive charm of the Red Field.

Surely no one thought that in the beauty St.Basil saved from a cruel story of Ivan the Terrible in power in the 15-century. Architect who designed St.Basil, Postnik Yakovlev deliberately made blind by Ivan command to prevent him build a more beautiful cathedral.

Nine chapel incorporated into the cathedral between 1555 and 1561, was built to commemorate the success of the Tartars against Ivan Mongolia on 1 October 1552 in the siege of the city Kazan. And than, in 1588 Tsar Fedor Ivanovich add a chapel on the east side above the grave of Basil the blessed (Yurodivy Vassily Blazhenny), a Russian Orthodox St., which was then made as the name of this cathedral.

Initial concept of this cathedral is a collection of chapel, each be devoted to a saint every party that fall at the time of Tsar win in a fight. However, development of a single tower rooms incorporate this into a cathedral. Each dome was initially established with a unique symbol based on the confidence to give a picture of New Jerusalem, the Kingdom of Heaven be depicted in the Book of Revelation.

Perhaps the beauty of the building was hearts by Napoleon Bonaparte, the highest leaders of France (1769-1821) that have a major role in European history. Only a limited technology that imprison intention of Napoleon to move to Paris this cathedral. His ambition fail with that, Napoleon was ordered demolition St. Basil using the magazine. But again the will is not achieved, because all of a sudden torrential rain.

Adding beautiful cathedral, in front of the bronze statue stands St.Basil that Dmitry Pozharsky and Kuzma Minin. They are two leaders who gathered in the Russian army of volunteers to attack Poland on a rainy day at the end of the 17th century and early-18 th century. This statue was built beginning in the center of the Red Field, but the Soviet government felt that the statue barred parade and then moved to the front of the cathedral in 1936.

Interior of the building is very beautiful in the store a lot of story still remains speculation about the elements of the monument in Samarkand East Lenk, or elements of a mosque in Kazan Qolsharif feels thick in this cathedral. Perhaps it is true, because the form of dome is more similar to the mosque rather than a church. But it remains a speculation at this time due to any form of the original mosque in Kazan Qolsharif never mind ... Nice place isn't it

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  1. I would love to see St Basil. For me it deserves a place at the list of wonders.


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