The Most Wanted Isaland

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Bali is an island in Indonesia, and became one of the provinces of Indonesia. Bali lies between Java and Lombok Island. The capital city is Denpasar, located on the southern island. Bali is a majority of the population embraces Hinduism. The world famous Bali as a tourism destination with a unique variety of art-culture, especially for the Japanese and Australian tourists. Bali is also known as Pulau Dewata

Bali is part of the Small Sunda Islands along the 153 km and 112 km, approximately 3.2 km from the Java Island. Mount Agung is the highest point in Bali at 3148 m. This volcano last erupt in March 1963. Mount Batur is also one of the mountain in Bali.

Based on the relief and topography, in the middle of the island of Bali mountain range stretching from west to east between the mountains and there is a group of these volcanoes, namely Mount Batur and Mount Agung mountain and that is not the fiery Mount Merbuk, Mount Patas, and Mount Seraya. There is a mountain in Bali in the Region Geographic divided into 2 sections which are not the same with North Bali low narrow and less land, and South Bali with a broad low and sloping.

Slope of the land consists of the island of Bali land flat (0-2%) of 122,652 ha, the land-wave (2-15%) of 118,339 ha, steep land (15-40%) of 190,486 ha, and land is very steep (> 40% ) covering 132,189 ha. Province of Bali has 4 lake is located in mountain area, namely: Lake Beratan, Buyan, Tamblingan and Lake Batur. The area of Bali is 5636.66 km2 or 0.29% area of the Republic of Indonesia. Administratively divided into the Province of Bali 9 districts / cities, 55 districts and 701 villages.

Between the island of Bali and Java, is available through the sea crossing to the port of Gilimanuk Ketapang using ferry that takes between 30 to 45 minutes. So also with the crossing between the island of Bali and Lombok, wade through the sea port of Padang Bay to the sheet take about 4 hours. For air transportation are served by Ngurah Rai International Airport. Base and spur aircraft coming and going can be seen clearly from the beach.

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