One Day In Mount Kelud

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Mount Kelud is located in the area with an altitude of 1731 Kediri mdpl.To reach the crater of Mount Kelud is easy, through the Village Margomulyo. From Malang, get in to Bus to Kediri and get off at the terminal Pare about 2.5 hours. From the city toward Wates Kediri drive minibus, continue to Waras Village (30 minutes) and get off at the Post defense Margomulyo Plantation.

Sugihwaras is the last village before enters the area of Mount Kelud. About one kilometer above Sugihwaras, there are areas of plantation owned Regional Plantation Companies (PDP) Margomulyo, Kediri Regency Government. Here we must be reported prior to travel to Mount Kelud leaving only the identity. One kilometer from the guard post there Vulkanologi Pos. It about 10 km from Sugihwaras to the crater before Kelud. If this is the way to enter the crater, drivers must also remain vigilant, because the opposite direction from the people who often appear bring wood, and usually cruise at high speed. Isn'T car. Motorcyclist must also move closer to the left to avoid collision. If not, anyone should be ready getting hit of batch plants or wood.

Towards the top we could see the scenery that is very interesting, in the form of carpet caster heaped mountains of volcanic sand used in the explosion that started a new vegetation. Andthan through forwarded along 700 meters of Ganesha and entered the tunnel along the 200 meters, we reached the crater lake.

Crater lake filled by water that bluish, it can be used for bathing and swimming, but must be vigilant and observe the activities and changes in crater lake temperature. An average temperature of 38 degree lake water feels so warm and contains sulfur. Around the lake in this crater there is a drainage tunnel that is a drainage channel crater. Around Mount Kelud crater lake is a vast sandy plain and many of Edelweis flower. In the sand there are some areas where the sulfur out of smoke.
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