Paid Review Ts The Best Way Promote Our Product

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As we have know that promotion is very important for our business, so people know about our product that we will sell. There are many way of promotion, for example are CPC ( Cost Per Click ), CPM ( Cost Per Impression ), CPR ( Cost Per Review )

CPC ( Cost Per Click ) possible is true of cheaper advertising, but I feel less effective to promote or product, because though link of our site appear on page of web / blog publisher, not yet of course visitor of web / blog know what us offer if they do not click the link that will go to our site.

CPM ( Cost Per Impression ) possible this nicest advertiser, but will very costly to advertiser because they have to pay if web link or blog link from advertiser is showing in page of publisher, but not yet of visitor is click the link of advertisement, so is may look just spending.

CPR ( Cost Per Review ) according to me is most solution of advertiser, CPR ( Cost per Review ) is mean that our product will be review by publisher, so that visitor of web or blog publisher will know about our product before they of click at our advertisement link

There are many CPR ( Cost Per Review ) services, one of them is post paying. Post Paying is blog marketing of paid review with cheap enough cost with many publisher partner have a quality of web or blog.

Way of enlisting in post paying :
1. Make account in]post paying as advertiser
2. Fill form registration about our product that we want to promote
3. Set how much you will be allocation of cost for you product
4. Publisher partner of post paying of will make review our product and will be posting in thei web of blog’

In this way, our product will knowing many people when the visitor of publisher partner paying post site or blog through it, and they know about our product with reading their review before the visitor come to our site. Beside this Paying post is blog advertising that will delivery you as advertiser to meet publisher ( direct paying post ) partner and negotiate directly with blog publisher.

Ads Responsive
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