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Sanur Beach is located in the Village of Sanur, Denpasar District, the City of Denpasar, Bali Province. Natural beauty of the panorama to make even famous Sanur Beach since antiquity. Sanur Beach introduced to start the international by A. J. Le Mayeur, a painter from Belgium who came to Bali in 1932. See the attraction of Sanur beach is very beautiful, the Le Mayeur decided to settle in Bali with the established studio painting. Through paintings Le Mayeur, Sanur Beach began in the internationally known. Currently, the studio has been painted into the Museum Le Mayeur, and can be visited by the public.

Unlike the Kuta beach that provides the beauty of sunset, Sanur Beach famous for the beauty of the sunrise. Topography with a curved carpet of white sand that extends form the cluster of beach chic. In the morning, while enjoying sun rising, tourists can see the group of Nusa Penida Island in the southeast island of Bali.

In the afternoon also not less interesting, reflux water clarity on the cluster view of the hill and attack the rocks of the project to the sea to the south of Sanur Beach. Not only that, if the wave of sea water is not so large, the tourists can witness the beauty of coral reefs that extend colorful.

Sanur Beach is about 6 km from downtown Denpasar, and can be reached by car or motorcycle. Travelers need not worry if you need lodging or food stalls in the vicinity of this beach. In addition, the Sanur Beach area tours also provide a souvenir stalls that sell various goods, and by arts-specific by the beach.

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  1. wow keren nih saya blm pernah k sana.. :(

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