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HISTORICAL OF BALI Barat National Park began on 24 March 1911, when a biologist from Germany, Dr. Baron Stressman, landed in the area around the Singaraja because the ship Ekspedisi Maluku II is damaged. Baron Stressman lives in this region for three months. Through the research that is not intentional, Baron Stressman find endemic species of rare birds, namely jalak Bali (leucopsar rothschildi) in the village Bubunan, about 50 km from Singaraja. Further research conducted by Dr. Baron Viktor von Plesen, which concluded that the distribution of Jalak Bali only covers up Bubunan Village to Gilimanuk, the area of 320 km2 +. Because of population jalak Bali be calculated when the rare, and in 1928 some 5 tails jalak Bali brought to England and successfully to be developed in the year 1931. Then in 1962, Sandiego Zoos in the United States also has multiply this bird.

Bali Barat National Park has a unique type of ecosystem, which is a mix between land ecosystems and marine ecosystems. In this area, tourists can explore the land ecosystems (forests), from the seasonal forest, lowland rain forest, savanna and beaches. While on the water ecosystems (sea), tourists can see the green mangrove forest, beach chic, coral ecosystems, and the sea shallow and deep.

Entering the forest, the tourists can see about 175 kinds of plants, 14 species of them be regarded rare, such Bayur (pterospermum diversifolium), ketangi (lagerstroemia speciosa), burahol (steleochocarpus burahol), sandalwood (Santalum album), sonokeling (dalbergia latifolia), and others. In addition, tourists can also view various types of animals that live freely in the national parks, such as birds jalak Bali (leucopsar rothschildi), white ibis bird black head (threskiornis melanocephalus), deer (muntiacus muntjak), trenggiling (sweet javanicus), hedgehog (hystric brachyura), and a clever individual (tragulus javanicus). While the types of fauna in the waters of the famous national park is a shark (carcharodon carcharias), flag fish (plateak pinnatus), and a giant kima (tridacna gigas). Wealth under the sea are the different types of coral reefs that vary widely. Data collection conducted in 1998 showed, there are 110 species of coral in 18 families, including 22 species, among species of coral fungi (mushroom coral).

Apart from enjoying the land and water ecosystems, tourists can also explore the small islands that are part of the Bali Barat National Park, Menjangan Island, among others, Gadung Island, Bird Island, and badisland. Menjangan Island is one of the island favorite who frequently visited by tourists. Island with an area of approximately 6000 ha is habitat of deer (Cervus timorensi). Not only that, tourists can also dive in the waters around the island to see the beautiful group of coral species with a variety of reef fish.

Bali Barat National Park spread in the two districts, the District Melaya, Jembrana Regency, and Gerokgak District, Buleleng District, Bali Province, Indonesia. Bali Barat National Park easily accessible both from the City of Denpasar and from the Port of Gilimanuk. To facilitate travel, the tourists can reach the Bali Barat National Park with two alternatives. First, when starting from the port of Gilimanuk, the tourists can visit the Central Office Bali Barat National Park is located in the Village Gilimanuk, District Melaya, Jembrana regency. This office is about 200 km from Denpasar City. The second alternative, when the tourists depart from the City of Denpasar, or want to visit a special island of Menjangan, then it is good to start from the Gulf of Labuhan Lalang. From Labuhan Lalang travelers can easily go to Menjangan Island or small islands other.

Bali Barat National Park has a range of accommodation and facilities, including a guide, guard hut, hut tour (for the rest of tourists), the tower view, dive equipment rental, boat speed, and others. Special facilities for the crossing to Menjangan Island, tourists can rent a boat. When lodging needs of tourists, around Labuhan Lalang and the Port of Gilimanuk lodging there are many good hotels jasmine, resorts, and hotels.
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