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CATHOLIC Church in Puh Sarang was founded by Ir. Henricus Maclaine Pont in 1936 at the request of Kediri in the pastor parish, Pastor H. Wolters, CM. Engineers also handle the development of the Museum in Trowulan, Mojokerto, save the historic kingdom of Majapahit. But the museum that building in Trowulan was destroyed in 1960 because it treated less well because the lack of funds for maintenance and care. Puh Sarang church building is similar to the Trowulan museum building, the church with the view we can now imagine how the form of a museum Trowulan past tense. Wolters Pastor, CM, requested that wherever possible use local culture in the building Puh Sarang.

Laying the first stone church was on 11 June 1936, coinciding with the feast Mahakudus sacrament, by Mgr. Th. de Backere, CM, apostolic prefecture Surabaya at that time. Building Up the mountain is similar to the sacred or holy altar where there is a sacrament and mahakudus, vessel Baptist, sakristi and the recognition of sin. This first part is devoted to those who have been baptized. In the first period in the church is divided between those who are still candidates for baptism to those who have been baptized, but the difference is now eliminated.
Building Up has a cupola shaped like a roof or dome. Installed above the roof of the cross, at the end of the roof is installed symbolic image of the four authors of the gospel Mateus (winged man), Mark (a winged lion), John (eagle) and Luke (bull), which indicates the direction of the wind.

Altar of the church in this interesting and have a unique, made from stone massif, and then be chiselled, seen a deer that are drinking water, while others are waiting to drink water. Deer that are drinking water that they describe have been baptized, while waiting for drinking water is illustrates baptism potential. Water that flows from the source 7 represents 7 sacrament church.
When we see on the West side (left altar) we see relief banquet wedding party attended by Jesus, the apostles and Mary in the West on the door sakristi we see a picture of Abraham sacrificing Iskak.

Then there is a stone statue of Mary that Mary currently hold the children of Jesus. The statue is located in the curvature that describes the litany of Mary. Then there is also visible in the baptism of the vessel shell is large, visible relief on top of that when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan.
Then at the top of the relief we see the boat that Noah and a dove flying to bring the green leaves. Altar in the east (right altar) Jesus appears to relief that are the bread for 5,000 people, and above the entrance we see the Great Imam relief are present bread and wine to God. In the East we see the Jesus statue made of stone.
Up in the building there are no decorations part in this room which is open does not have at all. Building this to people who have not been baptized or baptism candidates. If the inside of the church made of bricks outside the building are all made of cobblestone that there are indeed many in the region puh Sarang. Gate entrance puh Sarang is made of stone, as usual there is a temple, where there are many stairs.

The west there is a miniature Gua Maria Lourdes, with a statue made of stone. Meanwhile, in the east there is a cave where there is a statue Pieta statue of Mary or the currently manage the new Jesus down from the cross. Pieta statue this statue reminds us with Michael Angelo's Pieta is there in the Basilika St. Peter's in Rome.
If people want to go to church puh Sarang, the child must go through the stairs made of stone in the arch gate. In the middle there is a gate, which is typical here is that the bell is attached on top of it, so that the gate is functioning as well as the bell tower. At the peak of the gate there is a cock, as usual in the church tower. There is relief that when Adam fell into sin.

In the outside, before entering the church, located on the right side there is a house to save the gamelan. Gamelan first epoch is used to accompany the mass and ballet often held in the early church. In the churchyard there is a statue of Christ the King, who seems to want to welcome the pilgrims to go to church. At the top there is a stone pillar where there is a boat of the Prophet Noah.
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