The Beauty Of Pangandaran Beach

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Pangandaran Beach is located in the District of Pangandaran, Ciamis regency, West Java Province, Indonesia. Pangandaran Beach area is one of the tour objects are Ciamis District. Traveller can enjoy the natural panorama of Pangandaran beach and a beautiful of white sand that so enchain. Two hills that flank Pangandaran Beach exhale slowly to create wind and waves ripple marine relatively small, so that the traveller comfortable doing various activities, such as swimming, boating circumnavigate the peninsula, fishing, or just relaxing on the beach. In addition, traveller can see the sun rise and down from the same place.

For visitors who want to dive in this area there is a garden with a variety of marine fauna and marine flora. Roads in the vicinity of this beach are asphalt smooth, making it easier for traveler who want to encircle the area with a motor vehicle or bicycle. When night arrived, the visitor will still feel comfortable in Pangandaran Beach, the area has been equipped with adequate lighting the lamp.

Every weekend, usually held the traditional performing arts in West Java. In addition, in the month held a different event, such as intent sea in March, Nyiar Lumar in June, kite international festival in July, decorative boat carnival in August, fishing competition in September, tourism and cross road in October, and the New Year party in December.

For the coastal area of Pangandaran, a visitor can use the route Bandung - Tasikmalaya - Pangandaran. Distance of 236 kilometers. In addition to the bus, visitors can ride the train station to Banjar. From Banjar, followed by ride the bus to Pangandaran. From Yogyakarta, visitors can use the route Yogyakarta - Cilacap - Banjar - Pangandaran. Distance of 385 kilometers. In addition to the bus, visitors can ride the train station to Banjar. From Banjar, followed by ride the bus to Pangandaran.

There are many support facilitiesin Pangandaran Beach, such as the wide parking are, the hotel and the homeless with various types, tourist cottages, camping world, tourism and information center. In addition, in these regions there are other facilities, such as restaurants, cinema, discotheque, jet ski, para sailing, and souvenir outlets.

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  1. I Love Pangandaran...
    This is amazing destination. very great beach...
    thx for sharing....

  2. This is an amazing destination. I really like it. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Looks like this is a lovely destination.
    Have not heard of it before.
    Thanks for sharing...

    Veronica Tan BK

  4. The picture in the post tells of a nice and ideal sunset, although the size is a bit small and there are no pictures in the post I guess I will have to manually search for some images. Good post.

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  5. Thanks for sharing bro. Long long ago i realy like for going to pangandaran. It's amazing beach with great view there. Wish some day i can geting trip there also.

  6. Thanks for information bro.. very nice high information

  7. You know, why don't you try and visit Jakarta? I would love to read your perspective about Indonesia's capital city in Jakarta. Keep sharing!


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