The Beauty of White Lake Crater

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WHITE CRATER LAKE in the Patayu Mountain peak, Is located in the Ciwidey, Bandung District, West Java Province, Indonesia. Around 46 kilometers from the city of Bandung. By the local community is also called the Old Mountain. In addition to White crater, the mountain that has a height of 2434 meters above sea level and between 8-12 degrees centigrade this also has a crater in the western side. The beauty of White Lake crater found in 1837 by Dutch botanist named Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn.

In the area, visitors can enjoy a variety of unique White Lake crater. Besides the beauty of its, surrounding environment that is still beautiful, visitors can also see the direct steam from hot rocks out, war water in the middle of crater, and the sulfur smell that aroma does not sting too.

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of White Lake crater while running circumnavigate the lake or relax while sitting in the shelters in the area. Visitors will see various types of rare flora, such as Edelweiss, Cantiqi of fragrant plants, plants of Lemo, and vegetation as Vaccinium plants typical crater. In addition to various types of flora, in this area, there are many types of fauna, such as the eagle, monkey, clever individual, wild pig, tiger beetle, and spotted tiger.

Visitors can also see the water crater-fox change color. Sometimes green and bluish. When the blazing sun and fine weather, the color changed to brown. Nevertheless, the color white is the dominant color of the water crater. The dominance of white color is also visible in the color of sand and stones located in the vicinity of the lake.

To reach Mount Patayu a visitor from the city of Bandung that bring vehicle can go directly through the location of craters White over Ciwidey city, gateway to the main tourist area of South Badung. From here, visitors must walk to the crater for about 5 more kilometers. For traveler who ride public transportation, there are two alternative transportation from bus terminal of Leuwipanjang Bandung, traveler can ride public transportation to Bandung-Ciwidey towards the entrance of White crater.

In the area of White Lake crater there are many supporting facilities, such as public toilets, parking area, and mosque also souvenir center that managed very well. In this area there are house bamboo as a central location of snack and stalls. Location is also used by farmers to sell the surrounding garden, such as strawberry, roasted and boiled corn, and fruit pepito. Traveler who wants to stay no need to worry, because you can rent a tent or stay in the villas, hotels and homeless with the various types found in the many attractions along the route Ciwidey.

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  2. Thankyou for pointing out such a beautiful spot. I hope to travel from Australia so I will check this area of West Java.


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