Beautiful Of Dreamland Beach

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MESMERIZE beaches in Bali not only Kuta beach or Sanur beach. One that started being liked by domestic and foreign tourists is Dreamland Beach. Dreamland Beach is located on the tip of South Pecatu Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali Province, Indonesia.Ya, the name of this beach is to present the beauty of all dream about the beach. From the sand white, and the large of wave that is suitable for surfing sports. Not only that, this beach is also located behind a hill, so the natural first time since the mountain is so beautiful unfold.

Dreamland beach location is unique. Visitors to this beach will be impressed when coming down from the vehicle and walk to the top of the steep cliffs in the area Pecatu Village. White sand has a wide seat with a beach umbrella, waves are big enough, and the surfer are cool hack into the waves for good views. No wonder if the beach is also called New Kuta Dreamland, because the resources are considered equal most famous beach on the island of Bali.

From these high cliffs, tourists can climb down of the Dreamland beach. Different from the Kuta Beach or Sanur beach, Dreamland area relatively quiet, so comfortable enough to enjoy the natural atmosphere.

On the white sand, tourists can walk, play sand, play volleyball or a variety of exciting game with friends or family. The barrier reef of cliffs on the beach offers stunning coral recession. Location under the barrier reef is also a place that is quite right to witness the sunset. In the rainy season, steep cliffs will be fulfilled by grass and shrubbery, so visible, such as paving the savanna.

To reach the Dreamland beach, from Kuta Beach, tourists can go through Jimbaran Village to Pecatu, approximately 30 minutes. Meanwhile, from the Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali, or the City of Denpasar, it takes 45 + minutes to come to Dreamland Beach. If tourists do not use private vehicles, tourists can take advantage of travel agents, bus, taxi or car rental and motor.

In the Dreamland Beach area, there are cafes and beverage vendors of meet. For tourists who do not bring swimming suit can be purchased that are sold around the beach. On the Beach, also have bathroom facilities.

If you want to stay, there are dozens of resorts or villa with a price that is quite varied. Some even resort built on the cliffs so that visitors can stay overnight to enjoy the beauty of Dreamland Beach on the cliffs.

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  1. Is dreamland beach would be my dream beach? The name seems promising and intriguing that makes me want to packed and go there.

    Maldives Dive Travel

  2. I asked in my heart when can be visit to Bali again. Island of the thousands of temples have memories of the my past.

    luckyjo on stop dreaming start action


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