What happens when you can’t afford a ticket?

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IT BECAME very expensive to fly. There is a word on the street that you have to be quite wealthy nowadays to be able to do it more than twice a year. And really ... what happens when you can't afford to purchase the airway ticket? Do you have to say goodbye to your dream of going abroad? NO! There are various ways of getting a good discounted price for the places you want to visit so much.

Here are some points to consider before you start packing your bags.

a) Every now and then airline decides to drop the prices. There can be many reasons for it. Some do it to win the competition and get more people on-board. This is called price war. It is all so well-planned. It starts will one airline giving travelers a good discount and that is when others start to follow. They are trying to reduce price to minimum so the costumer chooses their airline instead of the other one. Another reason could be the demand. During a slow season, there are less airplane travelers over a period of time. Airline carriers lower down their ticket prices or give discounts on them to prevent backlogs of flight travels.

If you want to get a good priced ticket you better do some research. There is nothing better than internet when you need to find information. There are various online travel sites that will grant their advices for free. You can email your questions to them which they will be happy to answer. They can advice you on how to get a cheap airway ticket when you need it.

b) Travel packages are totally the best. If booked separately they are expensive, but when you book a package trip you will be absolutely amazed by the price opportunities you might get. This works well for those who are traveling with families consisting of more than 3 people. The package usually includes: accommodation, itineraries, insurance, and plane tickets.

c) Tickets are available on the internet. There are some basic sites that sell the airway tickets for the reasonable prices. These travel sites purchase tickets from the airline carriers by bulk so they can reduce the price a little to satisfy their clients.

d) Cheap airline tickets can be obtained in special cases by some groups of people. First of all those are military people or war veterans. Age also matters as student and kids get a discount on their airline tickets.

e) It is better for you wallet to go for a smaller airline carriers. It doesn't have to be big to be safe. Remember that. What you see in movies is not what you have in reality. Search a small airline that gives you the best ticket rate.

Going on a vacation can be so entertaining. You don't have to be bothered about the cost. Get your cheap airline ticket today and forget all your worries. Airline tickets that are affordable are the best motivation to travel!

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  1. Two of my favorite tactics that you did not mention are one-way flights and split tickets.

    Certainly there are some routes that do not have decent one-way fares. Consumers can select different carriers for each leg of the trip for most routes. Do this to save yourself money, time, and/or stress. Indeed, I usually do it to save money but often I book one-way flights because it is more convenient.

    Split tickets are a bit more complicated. When your trip involves a stopover, often you can book two separate round trip flights to save money. For instance, instead of booking one carrier between New York and Australia, book separate flights between New York and San Francisco, and between San Francisco and Australia.

    Happy travels!

  2. if it happen to me, just call the CS, asking, after that, not using that airplan

  3. While I do agree with the tips, there are some loopholes. Price war normally happens during the time when not that many people fly. There are reasons for that; more notably, the weather. If the weather is bad, no matter how cheap the tickets are, who would want to travel?

  4. I always book my ticket much in advance. Helps me save a lot of money.

  5. Nice blog. Though some of the information is already known to me, remaining is really helpful. Not only for me, I think many of the people may get useful information through this blog. I will also recommend my friend to go through this blog once as he is planing for his abroad trip.

  6. Nice information. Really helpful for most of us. From now onwards whenever I travel, I will your follow your suggestions for sure. Keep on posting such information providing topics. Thanks in advance.

  7. Airline tickets have becoming more and more expensive these days! I've been waiting for promos so my family could travel this Christmas, promo rates are only available for dates before December 15! Truly frustrating! Airlines knew people travel mostly after this date, so people are forced to buy Christmas season tickets on a normal rate --- and this would mean EXPENSIVE!!!

  8. thank you for such information.Your blog really helps me on my recent vacation


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