My Family's Annual Vacation

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A FEW DAYS ago, my family made a trip to several cities in Indonesia, this time we will to Malang, Surabaya, Jogjakarta and Jakarta. Based on experience that less enjoyable for not bringing enough clothes, so for this holiday we took quite a lot of clothes. One week before leaving, we had prepared previously included clothes that will we brought, but because of our clothes that we lack too many, our Luggage doesn’t enough to carry all the supplies, we finally decided to buy a new Luggage. After finding around in our city, we found the Luggage store.

We got confused when he was in the store, because so many good Luggages with export quality. After looking at my wife is interested inDelsey Luggage that looks beautiful and charming. Nevertheless, when looking back I saw Hartmann Luggage so very elegant in my eyes. Finally we decided to buy both of them which will we use for our holidays.

When going to pay for Delsey Luggage and Hartmann Luggage, we were reminded with our child in the house. Our child does not have the Luggage to carry out her clothes. I asked the shopkeeper what a great Luggage for our son who was 13 years old. The shopkeeper offered Tumi Luggage that she thinks is suitable for children because it is easy in carrying and so light, so that our children can bring their own. After seeing the price and we feel comfortable with our budget, we decided to take it. After I got home, our kids loved Tumi Luggage we bought it. During the holidays, my family is very helpful with this Luggage, so we can enjoy this holiday very enjoyable.

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  2. Nice work indeed. waiting to see more from you.

    Bruce clay

  3. nice to hear that...
    in the next invite me, ok hehe:)

  4. what a great holidayz you had been spent with you family. its amazing.
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  5. agree... preparation is the important things if we go traveling. i have the same experience when i didn't bring enough clothes so i have to shopped around the town to bought some clothes, it's really annoyed because it takes time.


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