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If you are looking for unforgettable retreat, single place providing everything you can wish for and fulfilling even the most demanding expectations, look no further. North Cyprus is the place also for visitors who are interested in island's history providing numerous ancient sites to explore.

Northern Cyprus is perfect escape mainly for those who are longing for sunshine and warm climate. With its warm and dry summers, very mild winters and sunshine for major part of the year, it is perfect destination for any weather season you choose.

There is so much to do in North Cyprus. You can swim in the pool or sea, bask in the sun on the beach or choose out of other fun activities such as go-carting, diving or fishing. Everyone will find something to suit his interest. There are many types of comfortable hotels and villas in various locations of North Cyprus including seaside, quiet mountains and North Cyprus cities. Property market boom in
Northern Cyprus and good value for money made North Cyprus popular place not only for occasional escape from everyday responsibilities but also as a place to live.

Now you can purchase a property of your dreams in North Cyprus and enjoy sunshine whenever you wish to. Whether you want to use it for vacations, rental investment or even for permanent move to North Cyprus depends only on you. Although this might seem as radical thing to do, escalating numbers of people from various countries of Europe inhabiting different areas of the island shows that relocation to North Cyprus is becoming very popular for obvious reasons. Who would not welcome getaway from tiring and stressful atmosphere at home and changing it for restful sunny island full of warm-hearted people.

Korinia Estates, Northern Cyprus Estate Agent, is ready to make your dream in Northern Cyprus come true. Korinia is the oldest estate agent and property specialist in North Cyprus. We at Korinia treat every property case and every our customer with special care. This helped us achieve high standard and reputation for excellence. Korinia Estate Agency has qualified staff that will guide our North Cyprus property purchaser and assist him/her throughout the whole property purchasing process from the beginning till the
last step to make it as troubleless as possible.

Korinia Estate Agent is family run business with over 22 year experience in property selling and buying in North Cyprus. By using our services you will gain our expertise
avoiding pressure and hard-sell environment typical for many estate agents in Northern Cyprus. This is because we promote properties of our clients not our own. We are not building business but specialized Northern Cyprus estate agent. We are not here to push you into buying any Northern Cyprus property but to help you find your dream home in
North Cyprus.

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