Getting An Expedited U S Passport Can Be Convenient

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By Ben Pate

Normally, the government will make you wait at least four weeks, but as much as six weeks, to get your passport. However, you can't always wait that long. The good news is that you do have a couple options to get an expedited American passport in short order.

Get It Quickly

You can get an expedited passport regardless of which service you need. Whether you're applying for your first one, need one renewed, or had one stolen, you can get a new one quickly. The process in all instances is generally the same as if you weren't trying to expedite delivery. You want the fastest expedited U.S. passport possible.


This means that the requirements with which you have to comply to get a new, renewed, or replacement one don't change. You still need to meet all standards and provide all required documentation that you would even if you weren't requesting a quick turnaround. The expediting only applies to the processing time; it doesn't mean you get to skip any steps.

Passport Agency

If you prefer, you can request to get your application approved quickly yourself. The first step would be to call the scheduling line for a US authorized passport agency and schedule yourself an appointment. You'll then meet with the agent, bringing your completed application packet. When you make your request, it may or may not be approved. If it is, you'll probably have to return to the same agency to pick it up in a few days.

3rd Party Management

You can also hire an authorized private service to manage your entire application procedure, including the expediting request. Taking this option, you'll send (usually overnight) your submission package to the service, who will then manage the entire process and government contact for you. You'll then get your passport returned to you (again, usually by overnight mail) quickly.


The cost for this service will depend directly on how quickly you need your valid travel document in your hands. Most of these companies will offer different ranges of speed, giving you the option to select the least expensive speed that still meets your time frame. Typically, you can select a turn around time from as quickly as 24 hours or as long as two weeks. All the options are faster than the standard processing time.

Customer Service

There are a number of these authorized companies from which you can choose. When you research these companies, there are two critical features to keep in mind. Perhaps most important, the service should offer you a guarantee of meeting the turn around you've selected. The other most critical feature is that the service has easily accessible customer service.

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