See Grand Canyon From Las Vegas by Airplane

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By Ione Mahler

Are you looking to surprise your family with a great holiday vacation this year? Why not head to Las Vegas where you can give your family the trip of a lifetime? When you choose this destination as your holiday vacation, you can see and do a great deal in a short period of time. Not only can you hit the casinos and other landmarks of Vegas, you can also take a trip to the Grand Canyon and Colorado River, and the best way to do this is by airplane.

Before you decide to book your canyon airplane ride from LV, you need to determine which area of the canyon you want to see. Your choices are the South Rim, which takes 45 minutes by air, or the West Rim, which is a 25-minute flight. The South Rim is known for its stunning landscapes while the West Rim is where you will find the adventure of a lifetime. Be sure to evaluate both and, in the event you just can't decide, you might wish to make both trips - just on separate days!

Flying over to the South Rim, you'll follow the famous Colorado River before you begin your descent onto the Kaibab Plateau. Be prepared to see just about the most distinctive wilderness reserves in the U.S. Grand Canyon National Park, which is more than a vertical mile deep and 10 miles wide, consists of more than a million acres; everything from junipers and ponderosa pines to ancient rock formations and soaring California Condors can be seen here.

Nothing comes even close to the South Rim's regal landscape. The standard Vegas airplane tour package has about three hours of time on the ground. This is done via coach, which will make stops at most popular viewing points including Yavapai Point and Mather Point. Prior to getting back on the plane, you'll most likely stop at Grand Canyon Village. All buildings in this area are on the National Register for Historic Places. The Village is also a hot spot for restaurants, gift stores and art galleries.

Many travelers fly to the West Rim, which is conveniently located 120 miles east of Sin City. The center of attention is the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Nicknamed the Glass Bridge, the Sky Walk is a spectacular glass deck jutting over the canyon's rim. Walk out on the Skywalk and you will be standing 4,000 feet over the base of the canyon. To avoid scratching the glass, no digital cameras or personal electronics are allowed. Professional photographers are available to take your photograph and based on the package I got myself they do a great job.

Definitely, the Sky Walk is not to be overlooked. But there's more: plane trips that land generally include two hours of ground time. Use it wisely by visiting the Indian Cultural Center, Eagle Point and Guano Point and one of several memento stores that sell authentic Native American handicrafts.

Purchase plane tours ahead of time. This specially relates to the one that goes from Las Vegas to the South Rim. I urge you to book these flights no less than a week ahead of time. Remember to buy your air tour on the web. By using the Internet, you're nearly guaranteed to get a great deal, and certainly one that beats the pants off anything offered over the phone or via a travel agency. Print and pack your confirmation - you'll need it at sign in. Then strap in for the flight of a lifetime.

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