Chicago limo packages: The Most Acceptable Deals on Wheels!

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By Keith Klamer

Severe competition among Chicago limo operators has led on to the creation of day or night-time tour packages which blend food, drinks and other party goodies with the standard hourly rental of the cars themselves. For example, one operator now offers "tailgating parties" to Chicago area sports events. These packages include not just the stretch limo or party bus itself, but tickets to the game, food, drinks, barbeque pits, folding chairs and that kind of stuff.

Another limousine company offers "pub crawl" tours, which include vouchers and deductions on a designated route of Rush Street and other Chicago bars. Yet another company will take you on a Chicago "gangland tour" of diverse locations connected with scandalous Chicago wiseguy Al Capone.

While pricier than traditional limousine rates, packages such as these (especially the bar crawls) offer the convenience of "one-stop shopping" and lowered prices for events which consumers are likely to buy anyway. (I mean, who hires a limo simply to tool around and admire the scenery?) Customers out for a night on the tiles, for example, are going to visit some bars anyhow so why don't you save some money by dropping in on the ones which offer lower drink costs for the clients of favored limo corporations?

Limo firms in Chicago and other destination cities have an advantage over limo operators in smaller towns thanks to the sheer variety and quality of holiday maker attractions in their communities. As tour guides, they offer out-of-town visitors an easy method to see the major sites and fine quality, less popular attractions these travellers with which they may not be familiar. This saves the travellers time and, in several cases, money.

Next time you are thinking whether to get a limousine for something apart from just sophisticated transportation to your hotel or company event, ask about these special packages which have become more and more prevalent. You simply might find a good deal on wheels!

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