For Your Next Holiday Choose A Motorhome Hire In The UK

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By Andrew Lines

Holidays should be relaxing and renewing, but all too often they become stressful and over-complicated. Crowded seating, long security checks, and flight cancellations or delays can create an enormous level of stress even before the plane leaves. One increasingly attractive alternative to this kind of frenetic holiday travel is a motorhome hire in the UK, which allows you to determine your own schedule, destination, and itinerary.

Motorhomes are the larger cousins of campervans. Rather than being an add-on shell to an existing frame, these units are built from the ground up for specific use as a home on wheels. Known as A-class vehicles, they are designed for living as well as driving. They are mostly self-contained, and perfect for a short five-day rental, or a longer excursion lasting weeks.

The freedom to choose when and where to go is their most appealing advantage. While there are many spots with available power and waste hookups, travellers are not limited by those needs, and are able to explore areas well off the beaten path. There is no need to constantly be on the lookout for public restrooms or suitable restaurants, because those facilities are conveniently on board.

To begin planning this kind of holiday, determine first of all how many people will be traveling together. Because sleep is important, check out the beds ahead of time if possible, and make sure they will comfortably fit your largest passenger. Most units are built to house two to six sleeping berths, which usually fold away to serve as furniture when not in use.

On-board kitchen facilities are marvels of efficient design, and often feature combination convection and microwave ovens. Hot running water is supplied by a compact water heater, and the area is usually well stocked with kitchen needs such as pots and pans, crockery, utensils and towels. Simple and healthy meals are easy to prepare, and can be kept cool and fresh in the refrigerator.

While the hot water supply is not unlimited, there is no need to miss that morning shower. Most motorhomes have small but comfortable bathing facilities, in addition to flush toilets. The most common type is the cassette toilet, which has a holding tank that can be emptied relatively easily at designated waste disposal sites. On chilly mornings many models also feature efficient, ducted space heaters.

Most also include ample storage room, comfortable upholstered seating, and some feature outdoor fold-out awnings to provide shade. If it rains, passengers can still be entertained by DVD players and satellite television, while the driver is able to rely on the latest GPS navigation aids to avoid making a wrong turn. Biking enthusiasts will appreciate the attached racks, and some companies will even furnish the bicycles.

Most drivers find these vehicles relatively easy to operate, and for those who are unsure of their skills, a test drive will usually remove any apprehensions. For standard models no special license designation is necessary. There are even units specially reserved for animal lovers and their furry companions. If you are looking for an exciting new way to spend your next holiday, consider the advantages of motorhome hire in the UK.

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