Funtastic Motorhome Holidays In Canada

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By Danny Sun

Motorhome vacations in Canada are a fun way to travel through this beautiful country. Motor home trips can be quite a pleasant experience whether the trips last a few days, weeks or months.

Packing and planning are fun to do especially when people own their own motor home. When it's new, travelers would enjoy time organizing and stocking their mobile home for vacation trips. If it is a used one or a rental, it would be best to take time to clean it well; in any case, gassing up and filling the water and latrine tanks, propane tanks and window washer wells is a wise thing to do before heading out on the open road.

It is a wise idea to have maps, flashlights, candles, first-aid supplies and plenty of bottled water, propane, food, snacks and ice aboard. A loud air-horn is great to have handy in case a bear or other wild animal decides to visit. At night, when it is impossible to view the scenery, passengers can relax with magazines, books and board games.

Unlike camper-trailers, motor homes are installed with latrines with sinks, toilets and showers, fridges, freezers, propane stoves and ovens as well as microwave-ovens. Sleeping accommodation for at least 4-5 persons is common. Comfy seat-belted seats are standard as well as are fold-down tables with chairs or benches.

Newer top of the line motor homes come equipped with washer and dryer units, fireplaces and captains chairs in a living room-like setting. Some have a slide-out portion on one side to provide more living space when off the road; others have pullout barbecues. All have a great deal of legroom, head space, storage space, awnings and areas for privacy.

Passenger's windows are high and wide and can be curtained or shaded for privacy. Driver's windows also have shades for night-time privacy and for protection from sun when parked. At least one TV is included as a standard convenience.

Canada is a country with a vast amount of different scenery, clean, well-maintained highways and an abundance of trailer parks and communities where one can park a motor home on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Campground and trailer parks in Canada all provide fresh water and waste hook-ups public washrooms and shower facilities. Most motor home suppliers will provide booklets for all campgrounds and may often offer coupons for discount rates.

Whether vacationing across the Rocky Mountains in the west, the sandy beaches of the East Coast, or the flat, wheat fields of the Prairies in between the two coasts, motor home vacations in Canada promise to be the best way to see all the natural beauty this country has to offer.

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  1. You make traveling through Canada in a motorhome sound ideal. I think it probably would be a very good option. We always enjoyed packing up the motor home and traveling across country. I'm not sure if they all have lots of storage space, but we had plenty of room beneath to keep all of our things in bins -- each of the kids had their own bin of toys as well. It's a great way to travel if you have pets as well, so that you don't need to worry about what the hotel restrictions might be. :)


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