Germany Travel Guide - Compelling Tips For Beginners

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By Jeff Hall

Having a past drained in the tyrannical clutch of Hitler, Germany still stands a diversified, artistic and beautiful country to be visited.Being termed as the heart of Europe, Germany is a country filled with colorful cities, architectural structures and ofcourse world's best beer industry. Don't ever make the mistake of judging Germany based on its past; because it's not as cold, as it was once famous for . Once you enter the capital city, Berlin, you will be in for quite a surprise . You get to see some great building structures, excellent museums and experience an overall fun filled energy in the city. Make sure you visit the following cities, once you are there.


Stuttgart has lovely weather, architectural ingeniousness, artistic spirit and a place that is buried deep among winelands. Stuttgart gives you the perfect combination of old age plus urban livelihood, entailing you in excellent culinary tastes and great drinks. Being the capital of the ever famous Kingdom of Wuttemberg, it is located right next to the River Neckar, thus boasting of a medieval touch. Porsche Museum and the Deutsches Spielkarten Museum is the best place to marvel on German antiques.

Visit Berlin

Berlin has always been famous for its historical events, but people here have not let their past dictate their future, rather they have strived to make Germany one of the most beautiful tourist destination of Europe. People here are no longer gripped in the nuances of the World War and are busy reconstructing their lives, following modern trend of living. This is one reason that makes this city feel alive and vibrant. The food here is ofcourse exotic, with a merger of different culinary cultures. Do make sure you visit Schloss Charlottenburg and the castle of Sophie Charlotte, wife of King Frederick III. Other than that, you can also visit the Bode Museum, shop around in Berlin and enjoy one of the most happening nightlife in Europe.


Hamburg is the second most developed and occupied city of Germany, and has all the qualities that a traditional city life has to offer. The people are famous for their generosity and friendly nature. Though Hamburg is the second largest city, it is not one that could fulfill your taste of magnificent sightseeing or that of experiencing something unique. Hamburg is devoid of architectural ingeniousness, but is filled with an amazing city life, that you wouldn't want to miss.


Duesseldorf is one of the most posh and luxurious cities of Germany, because it is the main financial center of the country. Even though it is a financial hub, it maintains a soft lifestyle and does not have any industrial hustle bustle that is usually expected. It's devoid of city's hustle bustle and is calm, peaceful, and beautiful.

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