How To Handle It When You Have A Stolen US Pass Port

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By Ben Pate

Passports are official documents that allow a person entry into a foreign country as well as re-entry into their own. This document is absolutely necessary for any travel abroad. This makes it a very important document and one that is also coveted by those who cannot obtain one. Often, passports are stolen, if this happens it is absolute necessary to follow certain steps in order to report the stolen US passport and get a replacement passport quickly.

Lost At Home

When planning a foreign trip it is always important to check all documentation beforehand. This way you can guarantee that your passport will be valid for the travel dates you intend to travel as well as verifying that you have the document itself. If you find that your passport is nowhere to be found and you suspect it might be stolen, then it is imperative you call the proper authorities right away. It is much easier to deal with a stolen passport in your home country than abroad. Be sure you check your home thoroughly as once it's reported stolen it is automatically invalid.

Stolen Abroad

If this document is stolen while you are in a foreign country it is very dangerous. The passport allows you entry back into your own country; it also acts as traveling papers to verify that you have permission to be in the country. If you are caught without proper documentation in certain countries you can be arrested and held until the situation is remedied. This is why if you suspect your passport has been stolen you alert officials right away. This will stop anyone from using your passport and will allow you to go about the process of getting a replacement for your stolen passport.

Stay Calm

It is important throughout this ordeal to remain calm. Staying calm will allow you to think clearly and process necessary information. This way you can properly speak with authorities and fill out all replacement paperwork with a clear head avoiding mistakes that can delay the process.

Report It

There are two ways to go about it. Telephone the relevant personnel and explain that you want to report a stolen document. You can get the contact information of the authorities you need to report to online. The other option is to go in person to the offices of the agency that issues these identification documents. You will be required to fill out a specific form and it is vital to give as much information as you can in regard to your stolen document.

It's Cancelled

Once you have reported your stolen credentials either by phone or in person by filling out the required documents, it is invalidated. You can no longer use it for travel. By reporting that it is missing, the authorities will assist you in trying to recover it. Then it is time for a United States passport renewal .

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