Important Things to Be Taken into Consideration While Planning a Visit to Thailand

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By Dung Cinkan

Thailand is considered to be a beautiful place for vacations; Thailand is given a first preference when they talk is about tourism. This place has a very rich culture and there are many astonishing temples and museums that make the place more prestigious. There are many reasons that attract a tourist a lot. There are lots of temples in Thailand but six of them counted as Royal temples.

There are many interesting places listed below that are worth visiting:

1. Wat Pho Temple of Arun: - Thailand is full with temples as there are around 400 Buddhist temples. Wat temple is one of them and is most prominent. The reason behind of its architecture is designed with modern technologies. You will find thousands of Buddha's lifetime images here.

2. Wat Phra Temple of Chetuphon: - temple is the restoration of an old temple of year 1824. This restoration was done in year 1982. It is the largest temple of Thailand located at Phra Nakhon district, Thailand. The covered area of this temple is 80,000 square feet. It is also known as royal temple.

3. Some more temples are there to visit like Wat Mahathat, Bangkok, Wat Suthat, Bangkok, Wat Phra Pathom Chedi, Nakhon Pathom Province, Wat Phra Buddhabat, Saraburi Province. If you are planning to visit Thailand then these temples should be visited. Their appearance and royal design are really attractive.

4. Thai Boxing: Thailand's people are really keen on sports. Maximum people love boxing there, and they have given a name Muay Thai to this sport. Once you reach Thailand you should not miss watching this famous boxing. It is really amazing to watch this boxing life. It's a historic sport and having a big importance in Thailand's history. Of course they are religious and have royal roots, but they still love this style of boxing. You will not see this kind of boxing in any other part of the world. It's not just a boxing, it's a martial art boxing. The theoretical meaning of "Muay Thai" is "Arts of Eight limbs". In this fight, the fighter can use his knees, elbows, kicks, and punches on his opponent. It takes years to become a professional boxer and the trainee boxer of Muay Thai is known as nak Muay.

Your visit can be interesting if you go through the mentioned guidelines. You can make your moment a memorable moment of life.

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