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By Jules Elliot

Often, for the exact same hotel name, you can save quite a lot of money staying in Henderson as opposed to Las Vegas. If you are concerned about being close to casinos and the strip in Las Vegas then factor in a taxi ride, your own vehicle, or taking a connecting bus route. Either way, you are going to have a cheaper stay in Henderson than staying in downtown Las Vegas.

The city is also known for its support of art and cultural programs. All of these awesome factors give a much different view of Henderson, Nevada and many reasons why you would want to consider staying in Henderson the next time you travel to Las Vegas. The strip in Henderson is not as famous as the Las Vegas strip but is still impressive.

Henderson has a strip just like the famous strip at Las Vegas. Henderson also has its own airport where you can fly into. The name of this airstrip is the Henderson Executive Airport and there are many great hotels near the strip in Henderson. Henderson is a city all of its own. Many people assume that Henderson is just a piece of Las Vegas.

Even though it is located very near Las Vegas, it is a self contained city with all of the amenities of any other large U.S. city, and this includes lodging. Most travelers to Las Vegas never think about Henderson, NV, but Henderson is a great alternative to the bustle and noise of Las Vegas.

Henderson is much more family friendly and also gives many choices of outdoor exercises that are likely within walking distance of your Henderson hotel. Cost is also a factor to consider. Staying on the strip in Las Vegas may seem like a dream vacation but you may pay dearly for that experience. If staying within a travel budget is a priority then Henderson is your place to go.

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