Peruvian Oddities

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By Austin Thomas

Welcome to Peru. Well you may not be there yet, or perhaps you are there. Either way, Peru has some unusual practices that you may not know about. We are going to go over some idiosyncrasies of the Peruvian kind. No problems though, you will become used to a number of these.

The hanging of plastic bags on poles is common. The reason for this is that a home owner or a business is indicating a sell or usage of the alcohol "chicha." The alcohol is an especially strong grain, and equals that of moonshine. Folks from other states come to drink this libation and they have a really good time with the neighbors.

The majority of the older towns and some of the newer ones have steers mounted on top of their roofs. This should be something seen in an area like Texas, but cows are popular in many cultures. It is assumed this act pleases the gods of Apus, this in turn will keep your folks safe and healthy. This is an assumption that started from the Incan culture, and it holds robust today.

There is a superstition that brings luck and wealth to your family. The hanging of a person's first-born baby's shoe on a vehicle's rear mirror. It's also believed that this will bring cohesion to you, your family and friends. Peru isn't bizarre at all, it is extremely cool, so come and take a look at it sometime.

Incan and Hispanic Heritage

All though Peru, there's so much more to see. If you want to explore massive areas like the Incans did, all you've got to do is book a flight and you are ready to go. Peru has rainforests. You were probably already mindful of this, but have you seen them in reality? This is only a nibble of things to see there.

Peru also has tons of activities and hobbies for each single person. These activities include biking, hiking, swimming, tennis, golfing, skydiving, and the list grows. Hill climbing is something that is not for the typical person, however if you have what it takes, then go to it. Whether you love Incan heritage or its modern day opposite numbers, you may enjoy visiting Peru, any day, any year.

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