Vacation Broken Hill The Silver City

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By Anton Maverick

Back on the road again with Campervan Hire Sydney, the famous outback of New South Wales beckons. Broken Hill is the destination, along with masses of places to visit in the immediate vicinity. The mining company typically called BHP is one of the explanations for the existence of Broken Hill, so it has a mining history to explore. Today, it is more famous for it's art and there are lots of first class offerings to see.

You may want to think about timing your visit to occur simultaneously with the Australian autumn or winter because summer temperatures are extraordinarily hot, as only the Australian inland summer can be. Nevertheless if you don't mind the heat, summer is great and there are plenty of places in the city to have a drink and cool down. Damaged Hill is renowned for its ' spectacular sunsets and landscapes which have provided a lot of artists with a constant source of inspiration.

The Historic Daydream Mine is the original Damaged Hill mine and pre-dates BHP. It is found approximately 40 minutes outside of Damaged Hill so if you are up for a bit more of a drive thru the Apollyon Valley, you will be in a position to take a tour of the old mine workings and then end up with a Devonshire tea or cold drink. The tour will take approximately an hour and includes above ground and below ground old workings.

The Daydream Mine is/was a silver mine and in typical mining style, was controlled and run by Cornish men. Also, in the practice of nineteenth century mining practises, boys as young as eight years of age also worked in the mine.

Other stuff to see include over thirty art studios, the Living Desert Sculptures, the Living Desert Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, the Damaged Hill Heritage Walk and the Silver Trail which should take you to 100, significant sites. Once called the 'Silver City ', Damaged Hill offers some unique attractions to visitors and neighbors alike and will provide a good dose of Australian culture.

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