Choosing The Correct Type Of Hankook Tires For Your Needs

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By Jay N. Jenkins

When you go to buy a new set of Hankook tires, it is likely that the mechanic on duty will ask you what type of tire you are interested in buying. Unfortunately, not every vehicle owner knows how to approach such a question. Most drivers are aware of the brand they prefer and the dimensions of the tire they need, but not everyone is familiar with other tire variations.

In reality, there are a several tire types that one could select from. However, they were created for a very specific purpose and certain types of vehicles and it is crucial that you figure out which one is the right fit for your vehicle, as well as the conditions that you typically drive in.

Firstly, there are touring tires which are good for driving on both wet and dry pavement. This variety of tire is designed for smooth rides on maintained roadways all year round.

For those who drive sports cars, high performance tires are typically preferred. A tire like this is meant for paved roads and a variety of weather conditions but has a much better grip than the basic touring variety to ensure better control of the vehicle.

If you are operating a large vehicle, like a van or SUV, you will want what is known as a light truck tire. They permit durability and provide additional traction in the event of off-road conditions. Keep in mind, however, that there are also specially designed SUV tires, which are the better option for the on-road, luxury SUV.

There are also tires that are made to survive specific types of climatic changes. Winter tires, which are ideal for severely cold climates, offer extra protection from the effects of ice, snow, and cold weather. Off-road tires are great for drivers who will regularly be driving in rough, off-road conditions. As long as the conditions don't become extreme, you should be just fine with your most basic all-weather tire.

Having the correct Hankook tires is not just what's best for your vehicle; it's what is best for you, as the driver. A quality tire can save you and anyone riding with you from a number of issues and circumstances. If you are unsure of what type would be best for your vehicle, your local mechanic should be able to help you determine specifically what you need.

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