Choosing The Right Mustad Fish Hooks

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By Berta Simon

Mustad fish hooks are some of the highest quality hooks in the world. The 125 year old company produces fishing equipment for both freshwater and saltwater conditions. They make a wide variety of hook styles, shapes, and sizes, each with a separate purpose. This guide will give you information on what hook to choose depending on what and where you are fishing.

One of the most important factors in choosing the right hook is selecting the best size. This will depend on the overall mass of the fish and also the width of its mouth. Some species become aware of equipment if it is too large or clearly visible; if this is the case you will need a smaller, finer hook. The hook will also need to be large enough to fit your bait.

If you are fishing in saltwater then your equipment will probably have to be stainless steel to withstand the corrosive environment. The stainless metal is also less likely to rust in your tackle box. The down side of a stainless steel hook, however, is that it is slightly softer, it will not stay sharp as long, and it may cost more.

The barb type you need will depend on your objective. If you intend to release what you catch, then try using a barbless hook as these tend to do the least amount of damage. Needle points work very well for the majority of species as they allow fast and easy penetration. Larger, more hard-mouthed species may require a knife edged point.

Some anglers use a double or treble hook to improve their hooking and holding capabilities. However, they cause significant damage to the animal and sometimes even the fisherman. If you are interested in catching and releasing then do not use this type.

When it comes to fishing there are literally hundreds of types of hook available. The more suitable your hook the more likely it is that you will be successful. Mustad fish hooks are some of the most reliable and high quality available on the market. mustad fish hooks

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