Discover Another Ideal Party Location With The Mykonos Guide

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By Robert Murgatroyd

There are so many places in Mykonos to eat, drink, dance and enjoy the wild nightlife, that you must have a Mykonos guide to find the places that you absolutely must not miss when you visit.

The moment you arrive at the airport in Mykonos, you'll instantly find yourself mesmerized as you witness the dazzling blue skies and endless sea that envelopes the island. The white structures with the mountains as the backdrop will more than likely captivate your senses. As you arrive at the Belvedere Hotel, you're going to have the opportunity to settle down, get some rest and wait for the fun to begin in a few hours.

The terrace in every room and suite of the hotel gives off a relaxing mountain and ocean breeze while you savor a touch of luxury of the room. You can meet other visitors with the same taste and eventually become friends as you relax and unwind at the party and pool area as you wait for the parties to start in a few hours.

In Mykonos, the clubs normally open in the late afternoons and it won't be until 11:00 pm that the parties start. To have the ultimate adult pleasure of lounging under the sun, partying, drinking and eating, the best places to go to would be the island's beaches. Each visitor will definitely have the tendency to momentarily forget the outside world while under the magic of the inviting sun and excellent food and cocktails.

Celebrated DJs from all over the world come here and perform a variety of musical styles for a never ending party atmosphere. There are also performances from live bands that are equally hip and entertaining. Mykonos is one of the most preferred holiday destinations and is always full during July and August so it's always recommended to book your flights and hotel the earliest possible time. To be able to get the up-to-date events, information and tips about the island, a Mykonos guide is something to be availed of before making any plans of traveling to this magnificent Greek island.

The finest places to dine in, party, swim and rent cars for day trips can all be found in the Mykonos guide. Additional information is also included about a variety of activities happening far from the general crowd of tourists. Little Venice is also one of the areas where you can take some time off for a secluded and romantic time in Mykonos.

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