The most underrated tourist destinations on the planet

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By Vishka Wochikowski

Have you ever visited somewhere, and not been able to shake the thought that it should be a much more popular tourist destination than it is? Do you feel like you've gotten away with something when you are sitting on a stunning beach, or eating in a lovely restaurant, having an unforgettable experience, and there's no one else in sight? What follows is a brief article about this phenomenon.

These kinds of experience are even more interesting when you consider the fact that many of the most famous tourist destinations are massively overrated. Even when the actual locations deserve such praise, the fact that they are always so busy means that whatever beauty or serenity is completely lost in the heaving masses. The best holiday experiences happen when you do not have high expectations, and are not having to wade through swathes of people.

One such place is the Grampians in Victoria, Australia. They are a rugged and beautiful mountain range just to the west of Melbourne, and they are vastly underrated. In fact, they are only really popular with the people local to Victoria. This is a crying shame, for there are some absolutely stunning views from these mountains, and they are a perfect place to spend a day hiking. Saying that, however, it is probably better that they do not suffer the environmental impact that too much tourism brings.

Plenty of people travelling to Vietnam only go to Hanoi, Saigon and Halong Bay, thinking that that is all there is to see. If you stray a little from these more popular places, however, and head to the town of Hue, you will not be disappointed. This place was once the old Imperial capital, and has not really changed since the royal family left in 1945. There you will find a glorious Citadel which used to house the royal family for generations, and which was nearly destroyed in the conflict known to the Vietnamese as the American war.

So you see, that even within countries that are popular destinations, there will be nooks and crannies that are not as popular. This makes a great opportunity for some more interesting travel, away from the masses of people in popular tourist destinations.

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  1. I truly know what you are talking about.. I have seen people visiting other countries and places without admiring the things at their homeland. Oh its so true about Australia and I am sure in many other cases too.


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