Not Merely Diamonds Anymore: the Emerging Eternity Ring

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By Danny Shea

The history of black diamond jewelry is believed to go back to medieval times. Black diamonds are rare and difficult to cut, and have traditionally been used in men's rings. Several conflicting legends surround black diamonds, but this has not stopped them from becoming a popular jewelry item.

The mineral carbon slowly changes over eons under high pressure to become diamonds. Before a diamond takes shape, carbon is transformed by various reactions that transform it into precious stone. Historical records tell us that the first diamonds were found roughly 3000 years ago in India. Since that time, diamonds have earned a reputation for their beauty and value, and are treasured by many as symbols of quality, wealth, magnificence, and even power. The word diamond is derived from Greek word "adamas," which means unconquerable.

People are really aware of the diamond from this century, and started economically mining. They noticed that the diamond could be found in the Earth's oldest continental state, which was called cartons. These cartons were consisting of inactive environmental area deeply under the earth, and it was more than two thousand years old. The diamond was formed and preserved in this carton. Some diamonds can be determined the ages by dating mineral impurities. Some of them are disclosed that there has been three thousand years ago.

Mythology Conflicting myths concerning black diamonds appear in different cultures. In India, black diamonds were considered cursed and a sign of death, as they resembled the eyes of snakes and spiders. In Italy, however, fighting couples could save their marriage simply by touching the stone, as it was believed that all of their troubles would leave them and enter the stone. The Karloff Noir diamond is believed to be the world's largest cut black diamond at 88 carats, and legend has it that when touched, it endows the person with good luck, fortune and happiness.

As well as today, the diamond keeps its power, attracting all the women's hearts as three thousand years ago. The diamond is one of the largest businesses, and the consumers are one the powerful groups every day. Therefore, before purchase the diamond, you should be careful to pick the right diamond for yourself. If you are shopping online for the diamond, there should be a guide helping you to find out the suitable one for your diamond jewelry. You should notice that there are a standard for the diamond, which is named 4C, indicating the diamond's Cut, Color, Carat, Clarity.

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