Rarotonga - Organizing A Wedding Destination

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By Ben Pate

When it comes to getting married there is so much planning to do and so many choices to make. For some, destination weddings have their allure. Often those who are getting married for a second time or prefer a not so extravagant wedding will opt for a quiet cozy destination wedding as opposed to a local boisterous fanfare. For this reason many international resorts feature incredible wedding prices and packages. The first step in planning a desired destination wedding is making sure your passport as well as your spouse to be passport is in order and that all pasport name change paperwork has been filed. With those steps out of the way, destination-marriage.

Overseas Wedding

If you are thinking about traveling overseas you will need to make sure everyone in your party has a valid United States passport with them. They must make sure all the information contained in their passports is up to date and accurate. Also, if the passports have any damage they will need to be replaced, otherwise you may be held up at customs and not allowed to travel. This would surely ruin in wedding plans that you might have had. If it turns out that you do need to get a new passport before you travel you are in luck. Gone are the days of waiting for weeks on end for a new passport to come in the mail. Now, you can go online and hire one of the many passport companies that offer expedited services for people who are traveling in a short period of time.

Stresses Of Normal Weddings

Weddings can be rather expensive and stressful to plan. Wedding dresses, venues, food, bridal party, it's a lot to deal with. For those that are really not interested in the childhood fantasy wedding of an eighteen layer wedding dress accompanied by a tiara, a destination wedding is the safer way to go. In today's economy destination weddings can actually be cheaper than a local wedding, so be sure to research your options.


A great place to have a destination wedding that people may not be familiar with is Rarotonga. This location is part of the French Polynesian Cook Islands and is a beautiful place to have a wedding ceremony. There are many great cultural aspects that you will enjoy if you travel there. They also have many great hotels and resorts that cater specifically to couples who go there to have a destination wedding. They have great locations where people can gather to celebrate getting married.


It is very inexpensive to get married in Rarotonga, an onsite beach wedding with a marriage licence and all rounds out to about $1,300. That is unheard of for a beach wedding, unless you're getting married on the sketchy beaches of the Jersey Shore. Some may think that this sort of destination wedding may be inexpensive, but plane fare would be outrageous. This is not the case; a round trip ticket can usually be found for around $800.00, two tickets and a beach wedding rings in at just under $3,000.

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