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By John Roney

Kenya safari can be defined as a variety of different sites, spots, attractions and activities. One is required to immerse them and note and enjoy even the slightest of difference in terrain, people, and vegetation. Treating Kenya as a succession of tourist sights isn't the most stimulating way of experiencing the county .Traveling with your eyes open, you can enter the very different world inhabited by most Kenyans; a ceaselessly active landscape of the farm and field of streams and bush paths, of wooden and corrugated-iron shacks, tea shops and safari lodging houses, of crammed buses and pick-up vans. Of overloaded bicycles, and of streets wandered by goats, chicken and toddlers.

Straddling the equator and riven down its middle by the great Rift valley, Kenya's landscapes are varied and beautiful opposites-from snow-capped mountain peak to blazing desert from rain-soaked timber forest to glistening white beaches. And studded throughout the land are more than 40 wildlife national parks and game reserves which contain some of the world's most interesting wildlife species. Kenya is also exceptional in other ways than the ageless wonder of scenery and wildlife. The country history since 1963, when independence was won from the British, under the leadership of freedom fighter "Mzee" Jomo Kenyatta, is one of remarkable social and economic advances. Symbolic of Kenya's success in merging traditional Africa tribal society with modern technological society is the imposing Kenyatta international conference centre in the heart of Nairobi. The Center's 30story tower is one of Kenya's most imposing buildings; the cone-shaped roof of its amphitheatre inspired by traditional African round hut.A statue of Kenya's founding father, Jomo Kenyatta who died in 1978, stands in the center's foremost court.

When you splurge on this unique adventure kenya safari, the excitement starts while it is still dark. Loud, bright flames roar as they heat the air filling the colorful skin of the balloon. Up to 12 passengers climb into the basket grinning in fear-tinged anticipation. While knuckles grip the basket edge. You lift up, the burners roar loud and close. You float over forests, savannah, river and game-sometimes soaring way up high, sometimes brushing branches of trees, and sometimes just skimming the tops of termite mounds. Herds of animals scatter below you, a bull elephant with a long shadow crosses a field, there are hippo humps in the curve of the river. It is warmer than you expect-you don't feel the wind when you travel at wind speed. It is also noisier than imagined-the burst and flare from the burners punctuate the commentary of the pilot. You land for a champagne breakfast in the bush-holding tight to the sides and ducking down as the basket tips and is dragged along the ground. The sides are well -padded and passengers inelegantly crawl out to emerge laughing. A full breakfast is cooked over the ballon burners, animals dot the scene, large hawks fly down for tidbits, and there is a sense of camaraderie, complete with your own souvenir flight certificate.

Entry point by Water which is the best for Travel Adventure Holiday Nakuru Kenya : Lamu, Malindi, Kilifi, Momabsa, Kisumu, Homabay
Entry point by Air: Jomo Kenyatta international airport, Nairobi; Moi International Airport, Mombasa; Kisumu and Wilson Airport, Nairobi. Lakes Of Kenya:Victoria (63,000 square kilometers); Turkana (6,500 square kilometers); Baringo; Bogoria; Nakuru; Elmentaita; Ol bollosatt; Naivasha; Magadi; Chala; and Lake Jipe. Mountains of Kenya: Mount Kenya (17,058feet); Mount Elgon (14,178 feet) The Aberdares (ol Doinyo Lesatiama 13,120 feet); and the Cheranganis (11,055 feet).

Separating Kenya's interior or upcountry from Indian ocean, the arid Maungu plains form a barrier which accounts in large part for the separate history and culture of the coast of Kenya .here a distinct Islamic Swahili civilization exits with a long historical record in its mosques and tombs and the ruins of several ancient towns cut from coast beyond the white sandy beaches of Kenya- invariably shaded by coconuts palms or Casuarina trees- runs an almost continuous carol reef protecting a shallow, safe lagoon from the Indian ocean.

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