Choosing a Cabarete Hotel

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By John Wright

Cabarete, the tranquil and pretty village on the Dominican Republic's northwards shores is the darkest secret of the Caribbean, and it's also where you will find some superb Cabarete Hotels.

Its golden sun-soaked sands and emerald seas are the ideal backdrop for water activities like kite surfing, underwater diving and swimming while its nightlife is mythical.

Indeed, there are such a lot of activities to enjoy, folks to meet and places to marvel at in this Caribbean shangri la, all of which can be yours upon checking in to one of the excellent Cabarete hostels - the extreme Cabarete Hotel.

Green Initiatives

Environmentally-conscious guests will love staying at the extreme Cabarete Hotel due to its green initiatives.

In reality the management is working toward the great goal of turning into the country's very first eco friendly hotel.

Such a call is borne of 2 inducements, namely, as a method to help in environmental protection and as a technique to prosper despite the often-unreliable power supply in the country.

These days water turbines, solar heaters and low-wattage appliances are employed in the private rooms and public spaces of the extreme Cabarete Hotel.

The planning of the entire hotel itself is such that air flow is maximized, so, lessening the heat in summer and increasing the heat in winter.

All these measures ensure that the eXtreme is the lead runner of green design in all of the Cabarete hotels.

Going Reasonable on the Rooms

Naturally, we understand that guests desire great rooms at decent prices and the eXtreme Cabarete Hotel is up to the task, as always.

Guests will find the rooms to be spacious, ethereal and well-decorated with a spectacular view into the hotel grounds and the oceanfront. The rooms each feature a personal balcony from which to enjoy the great view and a personal rest room with hot water for more convenience.

Each room also has facilities including a medium sized refrigerator, large 52-inch ceiling fans, good lighting, and Web connection.

After all , you need friends and family abroad to know precisely how much fun you are having at the eXtreme Cabarete Hotel.

Decisions in the rooms include things from the basic single to the roomy 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom penthouse with the most amazing perspectives to Kite Beach. Choose the room within your budget and yet enjoy equivalent services, facilities and comforts.

Guests will also love the sheltered parking for their motorised autos. It has to be noted that such an amenity is a rarity in Cabarete hotels - yet one more evidence of the devotion to wonderful service of the management of the extraordinary Hotel. Check into the internet site or call the staff for details on the room rates.

Going Gaga for the Services

And then there are the services to go gaga over. The acute Cabarete Hotel offers not only its golden sun-soaked beaches and seemingly endless expanse of emerald seas but also a wide range of excitement sports, relaxation options and other delightful activities.

Guests who stay here will always find something to be excited about, whether it is an opportunity to marvel at an underwater world or see the world from up high.

Unlike most Cabarete hostels, the intense Cabarete offers Spanish language classes at the Spanish Center.

Though the staff members of the hotel talk English, studying how to talk another language on your vacation is, indeed, an achievement.

Book an one-on-one or a group appointment, whichever is up your street.

Kiteboarding is one of the best adventure activities on the island with kids and adults enjoying the activity. At the Kite Lounge, guests can learn the art of kiteboarding, rent the gear and like it with other people. Be the kite and be on top of the world!

For a land-bound and yet still exciting sports activity, head on to the skate ramp. Skate to your heart's content in the half-pipe known as 6 Feet Under, which is a 40-foot ramp with 5 sections. Notice that the ramp is extensively utilized for MMA lessons, which is another great way to pick up useful abilities while on your vacation.

After the excitement, relax your body through yoga classes at the Yoga Loft. Located on the second floor overlooking the beach and the ocean beyond it, yoga classes become relaxing and energizing at the same time at the Yoga Residence.

And naturally, nutritive the body with savory food is a must at the eXtreme Cabaret Hotel. Dining out becomes a socialising occasion with guests enjoying the fresh ingredients of the dishes and puddings served in the eatery.

If you're looking for the best among the best of the Cabarete hotels, look no further than the extraordinary Cabarete Hotel. Your Caribbean vacation will be the most remarkable you have ever been in.

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