Discount Traveling Need Not Be Demoralizing!

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By Kathleen Burch

The size of your wallet should not be something that would preclude you from traveling to the best tourist spots. You too can find discount travel options in a variety of different places. It is possible to go on holiday even if you haven't got a good few pounds to spend on a Caribbean trip or a jaunt to Paris.

The first tip for discount travel would be to consider your budget and making a few concessions. A beach lover, perhaps? Instead of flying to your own personal Caribbean island, go to a local beach for a long weekend instead. You'll save so much on airfare and other things that you'll be able to splurge on an extra fancy hotel room or an expensive dinner. The same would apply if you enjoy a wildlife vacation, enjoy the city life or night life, or any other tourist spot. Pick a place that is closer to home and you'll save a bundle.

By doing the right amount of RESEARCH and devoting enough time to look for the best deals possible, you can find yourself discount travel deals. Basically, you want to book not only weeks, but months in advance to save some quid. It's very easy, really -- start early like that and do not give up searching for good deals online or consulting your province or city's travel agencies and comparing offers. This is what they call "separating wheat from the chaff", and it becomes even easier when you plan not for the busy months, but for those months less booked on.

As the Americans say, "brown bag it" -- we are referring to packed lunch should you travel on a budget. It may not really seem significant at first, but consider that an average family of four would spend over fifty dollars for a restaurant dinner. Counteract this expense by making your own lunches. We cannot emphasize how important it is to stay healthy on the road, so take a few butties and healthy snacks to provide quick refreshment for those hunger pangs.

Discount travel is not as difficult to find as you may think. Learn how to compromise. Book a four-day, instead of a five-day stay. Save on lodging expenses by going camping. By driving and not renting, you only spend on petrol. Hopefully, you'll be able to save enough money to go on the vacation of your dreams in a few years, but for now, discount travel is possible.

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  1. I totally agree to this. I always to for discount traveling than spending lavishly. It doesn't hurt to save. It actually boosts your self esteem.


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