Eco-Friendly Tourism is Fashionable at Saint-Tropez

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By William May

Because of factors like its colorful arts and culture, rich history and fantastic beaches, Saint-Tropez in France has always had an incredibly strong tourism industry.As a responsible reaction towards the high number of people that take a trip to the commune every year, Saint-Tropez recognizes its responsibility of making sure that their tourist spots maintain their cleanliness and efficiency through the Sustainable Tourism Approach.

Aside from performing environment-friendly actions themselves, Saint-Tropez's tourism board encourages guests to take part in their efforts as well through easy but meaningful methods.Make sure that you do your part in helping Saint-Tropez accomplish their Sustainable Tourism Approach by following these rules.

While staying in your property in St Tropez, be sure to conserve water whenever you can.Take quick showers instead of long baths, and keep the faucet off while you are soaping your face and brushing your teeth.Moreover, be sure to use as little energy as possible; use natural lights by opening the curtains in the room, and check that you have turned off the lights and air conditioning whenever you step out.

When you are out of your Saint Tropez property and taking in the sights, avoid littering.Segregate your garbage before throwing them away into the right trash can.Be sure that you also help in protecting marine life by not throwing your garbage into the sea.

Check into properties in St Tropez that are as accessible to many establishments as possible.This will encourage you to walk to your destination, instead of driving there or taking a cab.If the location is too far, use a bicycle to get yourself there.Not only are you lessening your carbon footprint; you are also getting some exercise, so it's a win-win situation.

Aside from helping to protect the environment, you can also help preserve Saint-Tropez's culture and history.Be sure to visit historical sites and patronize local products.Also, take the time to converse with the locals to discover more about Saint-Tropez's culture.

As a guest in Saint-Tropez or any tourist destination, it is very important to ensure that you are taking on the responsibility of keeping the place clean and its heritage intact.Aside from letting future generations enjoy the place as it should be, and also lets residents know that you respect them.

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