Kinds of Colored Garden Fountains

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By Louise Farrelly

The addition of outdoor garden fountains to your garden can revitalize the outdoor space considerably. Putting outdoor garden fountains in your backyard is not only beautiful but it will also serve as the focal point of interest. This interest can be the main aspect of your garden or it can play a supporting role by not being permanently visible from all angles or you can plant around it which reduces its visual impact but supports and adds to the, already present, beauty of the garden.

With the increase in popularity of landscape gardening, the popularity of garden fountains is also increasing. People are now becoming as obsessed about the exterior design of the outside areas around their home, as they are about interior design. Using colorful garden fountains in outdoor areas is a simple way of complimenting the yard or the garden. Garden fountains let you have the pleasure of the water feature without the disadvantages of having a pond like still water and insects.

Garden fountains are available in various designs and a unique variety would be a colorful garden fountains. There are basically two different kinds of these garden fountains; with some the actual fountain itself can be colourful, and the other variety uses coloured water to create a wonderful, showering display. Either of these types of garden fountains will prove to be an eye-catching feature in your yard.

Multi Colored Fountains: There are people that like to bring some color and life to their garden with the use of colorful garden furniture, plant containers or painting their fences with bright colors. If you are looking for another way of bringing colour into your garden then why not look at using colourful garden fountains. You can either buy colored garden fountains or maybe buy ordinary garden fountains and widen your imagination by coloring the garden fountains yourself according to your preference. In any way you can have a beautiful garden fountain in your yard that will be admired by family and friends.

Using Colored Water/Lights: Generally the colorful garden fountains are expensive especially if you will compare it to ordinary varieties however they are truly worth the price with the pleasure they give. Some garden fountains are already colored, others are spray water in various colors but another way of coloring your garden fountains is to use colored lights. This is simple to do by either using coloured light bulbs or buying special coloured filters. Some other garden fountains already have colored lights in their kits. Many garden fountains use colored lights for that effect that add feature of being programmable. With this amazing feature you can program your own light display in whatever colours you choose. The programmable coloured garden fountains can be changed to suit the mood; one can create a relaxing atmosphere, or if you are entertaining, then a livelier atmosphere can be achieved. Whatever you choose, you are going to be the envy of all your family and friends.

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