Step by Step Instructions for Cleaning a Lighter

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By Harrison Hyde

It is always a good practice for an avid cigar smoker to bring with them a quality cigar wherever they go. A cigar smoker never knows when the next great cigar smoking occasion may occur. Perhaps one of their close colleagues receives an unexpected promotion at work, or perhaps they run into your brother-in-law on the street and he informs them that he has just become a proud new father. Whatever the occasion, cigar smokers know that there are ample opportunities to celebrate life's many victories by enjoying one of life's best luxuries.

However, in many of these circumstances, a cigar smoker can be faced with the horrific reality that although they have the cigar, their long neglected lighter has now failed to function. In many cases, this issue arises due to a cigar smoker's lack of knowledge on how to clean a lighter. As many lighters sit in a coat or pants pockets filled with lint for substantial periods of time, a lighter can easily be damaged if not maintained correctly. There are a few essential steps in cleaning a lighter that will ensure the lighter's long lasting functionality.

It is first important to remove a lighter from the pockets of a coat or jacket when the clothes are not being worn. Lighters are often found at the bottom of a washing machine or in the deepest channels of a coat. Normally this is the result of an individual failing to remember where they last placed their beloved lighter. Store the lighter in a dry area such as a kitchen cabinet. This will ensure the lighter stays dry and free of debris.

Take a can of compressed air and use it to clean the combustion chamber of the lighter out. You will want to remove all of the dust and other contaminants that might have gotten into this part of the lighter. If too much dirt and debris builds up in this part of the lighter, it will clog up and not be able to light.

Cleaning a lighter where the case is concerned depends upon what type of lighter you have. Make sure you check with the manufacturer's instructions to see if there are specific cleaning options that would end up damaging the finish. If there aren't any dangers listed, the best procedure is usually to still use the least intensive form of cleaning possible. This usually means warm water and a soft cloth. Using detergents or polishes may end up ruining the finish. Make sure that you always check the can receptacle on the bottom of butane lighters before you refuel them so that you don't have any trouble with obstructions. The butane comes out under great pressure, so clean seals are a must.

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