Tenerife attractions for families to visit

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By Harry T. Bryant

People from all around the world visit the island of Tenerife each year for holidays but it is extremely popular with people from other European countries. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and despite being part of Spain it actually sits just of the African coast. This location means the island has fantastic temperatures throughout the year and is one of the hottest and most accessible holiday destinations for people in Europe.

There is a lot more than just the location and the temperature which attracts visitors to Tenerife too and it is a very popular holiday spot for families. There are things for families to do and see throughout the many towns and resorts across the island as well as plenty of beaches too. Tenerife has some of the best beaches in Europe and they provide a great place for families to spend a lot of time without spending much money.

One thing which all families should try when visiting Tenerife is one of the water parks which can be found around the island. Siam Water Park is the most popular in Tenerife and one of the biggest in Europe. There are lots of pools of different depths and numerous water slides for people to enjoy. The highlight of the park is the Tower of Power which has a huge 28 metre drop into deep blue pool which sits at the bottom of the slide.

For something which can only be experienced in a few places throughout the world, Loro Parque is the answer. The park has an amazing collection of around 4000 parrots as well as lots of other beautiful birds. That isn't all though as there is also a zoo now where animals including gorillas, penguins, dolphins and killer whales live.

For something entirely different families can try the Scubayaci Dive Resort PADI Tenerife. This attraction gives visitors the chance to dive in some of Tenerife's most beautiful diving locations and see the exotic fish which live off the shore of the island.

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