Versace goes to the Beach

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By Robert Nickel

The fashion world changed for ever when Gianni Versace was born in 1946. He was surround by fashion from an early age, mainly due to the influence of his mother. The eye for fashion instilled in him as a child can still be seen today in the high quality items made by Versace. He was a maverick in his field though, never a follower. His taste and subtly is unmatched in the world of fashion.

Sunglasses may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Versace, but there too they are industry heavy weights. All of their styles have a classic beauty that look forward with fresh, updated styling, while still maintaining a nod to the classic styles of years gone by. Their glasses truly stand out in a market rife with imitators. So go for the real thing and you won't be disappointed.

Now, where to take your new sunglasses. The Italian styling suggests a trip to Europe, but that is too far away. Perhaps somewhere warm, like the Mediterranean, but closer to home. There is one destination that definitely fits the bill, theexotic Mexico. As it is such an amazing and historic country, it is so hard to pick just one spot to visit, but there must be one that stands out from the rest.

Fortunately there is, so the decision just got that much easier. The destination of choice in Mexico is Cancun, which is nicely situated on the Yucatan peninsula. Not only is it the number one destination in Mexico, it is also the most popular place to visit in all of the Caribbean. Nothing can match it, not Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic or the Bahamas. This is 'the' spot for the serious sun worshiper. If it sounds appealing, make sure to book early or you'll be left out in the cold.

With a sunny vacation in mind you can rest assured that whichever pair of Versace sunglasses are chosen that the best in UV protection is available. The lenses also come in a range of gradients and tints. Protection has also been factored in, with a readily available anti-scratch coating. They may even be ordered with a high luster polish or anti-reflective coating.

Well, there you have it. The perfect vacation plan that will be exponentially better than sitting on a lawn chair in the back yard. So make the most of your next vacation and enjoy all that the beautiful Yucatan peninsula and Cancun have to offer. Disappointment is not an option.

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