Versace goes to Cancun

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By Robert Nickel

Versace? Don't they only make clothing for women? Not any more and you'd be remiss not to try out some of their fashions for men. Versace is a master designer for both men and women. No where is this more evident than in their eye wear. They have always had a complete command of understated yet tasteful design that escapes their competition. So if you are looking to make a statement at the beach this summer try out a pair of their shades and you won't be disappointed.

For the man looking for a bold and confident style, Versace should be the first choice. When you put on a pair of their glass they make you look like a man who exudes confidence and knows what he wants out of life. If you want to make an impression, then you really can't go wrong with any of their styles for men, be it for business or pleasure, you'll have heads turning.

So before your next sun soaked vacation, make sure to pick up a pair or two of Versace sunglasses. The are the perfect accoutrement for any day on the beach, whether close to home or in a tropical paradise. All your UV requirements as well as prescriptions can also be met. So what are you waiting for? There is guaranteed to be a style just for you.

So with eye wear all figured out, where to go? Somewhere hot would be nice. Perhaps Mexico. It is so close by that it is easy to overlook. Why not try out your new glasses on the miles of beaches that surround the stunning Cancun. It is a tropical paradise just waiting to be enjoyed.

If you do think of going to Cancun, make sure to book as early as possible. It is now the number one tourist destination in both Mexico and the entire Caribbean. Yes, the entire Caribbean. Nothing can match its popularity as the go to place for sun worshipers from around the world. It is the most prestigious destination bar none as nothing compares to the Yucatan peninsula.

Well, that was easy. The vacation is all planned and ready to be enjoyed. You just need to find the time now to enjoy it. No matter, as until the moment comes you'll be at the peak of fashion with your new Versace sunglasses. When you do make it to Mexico, you'll stand out from the tourist crowds with your bold new glasses.

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