Best Sleeping Bag as Per the Shape and Style

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By Tracy Lozado

If you're sleeping under the canvas, sleeping bags are essential. A goodnight rest is important to any vacation, and sleeping bags are the one thing you should not skimp on. If you're accustomed to loosely thrown duvet and few feet of clearance space in between you and the soil, you'll soon realize how chilly it could get inside a canvas tent, even on the warmest of nights.

If you would like to keep our body warm even in the intense temperatures, you need to aim to get a mummy style bag. The hood and tapered shape guarantees body heat. Nevertheless, it could be very constricting, so if you're one of those individuals who toss and turn a lot during the night you require a big size with lots of leg length. It's possible to zip mummy sleeping bags with each other but only if they're compatible.

The cheapest type of mummy bag is a traditional "wayfarer" type. Padded with synthetic material or down, they rely on bulk to add warmth and can thus be too large and heavy for backpacking expeditions. They are taken as ideal for children due to their comfort factor and warmth. All the three season lightweight mummy sleeping bags don't have the bulk of the cheaper ones but they are still lot warmer. Plus they roll up to nothing making them ideal for backpacking. If you are using an expedition tent, be sure to buy a sleeping bag that is long enough to store your other camping equipment.

Rectangular and semi-rectangular sleeping bags are both available in single or multi-season grades, and though they lack the cocooned warmth of mummy sleeping bags, they are better if you hate being enclosed or want the option of sleeping under a duvet. They're also easier to join together, although extra-large and double designs are available. Semi-rectangular bags are tapered, but lack the hood of mummy designs - although some have an optional hood that can also be used as a pillow. Ultra-light rectangular sleeping bags are among the lightest and most compact bags on the market are ideal for hiking expeditions.

Along with the shape of the sleeping bag, you need to take a look at the padding. Bags are outfitted with either synthetic or natural down fill. Down is more compact, while synthetic fibers are water-resistant and simpler to wash - they can lack heat, however. The sleeping bags we provide at Outdoor World Direct are guaranteed to keep you warm, whether they are synthetic or natural.

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