Events & Parties: Photobooth Are The Hottest New Trend

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By Michael Barrett

Who would have ever thought that something invented in 1925 and found in every arcade in the 70s and 80s would become the new must have addition to your party in 2012!

Photobooths started popping up at weddings starting in 2004. It may have seemed strange back then to unsuspecting guests. Once they stepped into the booth, they certainly changed their tune. Experiencing the modern photo booth is something you have to experience to truly appreciate.

Unlike the small photo booths of old, today's photo booths like those offered by Kansas City photo booth company Booth Crazy Photobooths, offer guests a whole new experience. What could be more fun than cramming 10 of your craziest friends into a booth and throwing inhibition to the wind? Guests can adorn the crazy props provided or go natural. Either way, something about being behind that curtain brings out the wild side of almost anyone! It is an experience that they will relive every time they look at the print they received as an instant keepsake.

No blurry pictures here. Thanks to computers, custom software and studio flash the pictures are actually of professional quality. Seeing really is believing. Unlike the hired photographer, its all automatic. With a push of a activator button, you are on your way to some serious fun. Add in some crazy props and your guests will reveal themselves in ways you would have never imagined. At Booth Crazy's Kansas City photobooths, they have 4 shots, 7 seconds apart, it is 28 seconds of photographic bliss.

Adding to the fun, is the more times you go through the booth the better you get at it! Because photo booths are generally rented for the evening with unlimited trips, guests can go through over and over again. Usually getting crazier each time!

Looking for black mail material on your friends and family? Photobooths are just the ticket. The pictures taken are often posted on-line to be viewed on a password protected website. Perfect for sharing via email or social media. They are your pics, scan share and enjoy!

Photobooths come in many shape and sizes with prices ranging from $500-1500. Make sure you see the booth and know what you are getting. Check out the alternatives, do your homework and hire a professional company. Then, just sit back and watch your party become the talk of the water cooler on Monday morning.

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