Holiday To Mooloolaba Sunshine Coast Queensland

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By Anton Maverick

Mooloolaba is roughly halfway along the Sunshine Coast and if you head immediately up into the hills behind Mooloolaba you will come to the village of Buderim. It will be a treat! If you go at night-time, you will be in a position to see all the lights down on the coast and it looks quite spectacular. If your on a road trip, Campervan Hire Brisbane can fit you out with an impressive camper for your holiday.

But if you don't do the trip at night and go during the day, the view to below is still quite impressive. The hillsides of Buderim have houses tucked away behind tree filled landscapes and you could be forgiven for considering how they do not slide down the hill because in places, steep is a word that doesn't even begin to describe the landscape. There is some wonderful hillside architecture on show to say the least along with some wonderful old buildings to provide a tiny balance.

The hamlet of Buderim itself is also quite hilly nonetheless , terribly explorable on foot. There are numerous studios, specialization bookstores as well as shops to go and visit and there are also some extraordinarily up-market fashion speciality shops to exploit too. There are many gourmand cafeterias where you can enjoy excellent coffee and fine, light food for lunch or brunch.

You may have even heard about Buderim Ginger. Well the Buderim Ginger Factory is found here and you can look through it if you like. There's a big range of ginger products to buy too , if you're that way inclined. A trip to Serenity Falls, which is inside walking distance, is an absolute must. It's a short rainforest walk and the falls are pretty.

You may also stay and have dinner in one of the ever popular gourmand diners which are quite well known throughout the length of the Sunshine Coast, and take a look at the lights on the coast below. Buderim is also gearing up for it's 150th birthday this year so there is bound to be lots of special activities occuring also.

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