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By Jane Ericson

Imagine a world without communication! How would you express your needs? In fact, life will be impractically impossible as everywhere will look like grave yard. However, among the most important characteristic of man that has made him the most successful animal is a distinct communication and language skill. Therefore, the chance of living a better life depends greatly on a good communication skill. This is well confirmed especially from those who do go on worldwide travel.

The education sector could also be used to buttress this further. Language and communication skills are taught at various level of the sector. This shows the importance of language and communication skill. The chances of one's survival and success in life depend greatly on one's communication skill.

It is not a word of exaggeration to say that one's success in life greatly depends on one's ability to express one's mind. Starting from a close range, your success of maintaining good relationship with your friends is a function of your communication and language skills. You may have tiff with your friends if your communication skill is bad. Not everyone can cope with uncouth language when addressed with it. So if you lack good language skill, many of your friends will often go into rancor with you.

In addition, in the employment world, employers are so concerned about your communication and language skills. Employers are after those who can communicate effectively. This is what they need to make their employment flourish. Employing a deficient in language skill is tantamount to putting the company on fire.

Most people do not pay serious attention to the communication skills while in both higher school and colleges. Even poor language skills are also found among some university students.

During job interviews, what most employers look out for in the job applicants is majorly their language and communication skills. Not only how fluent you are that matters most to the panel of interviewers, but also the way you address them and the type of language skill used. If you perform well in these areas, then your chance of been employed is high. All these are precautionary measures by the employer because he would not want situation where the customers nag frequently at your interactions with them.

Likewise if you are self-employed, your success is a function of how well you communicate with people. Customers do usually appreciate good language skills. This will effectively increase the business outcome and more customers would prefer staying with you. Within a very minute period of time, your business would record a huge prospect.

To conclude, it is good to clear the misconception about language skill. Language skills means any official language in your country and not restricted to English Language.

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