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By Erik Mosser

There are lots of factors affect quality and value in diamonds. In the event the average person looks at a diamond already set, it is quite difficult, in any other case impossible, to determine differences that will dramatically affect cost. Because of this, we recommended buying any important diamond un-mounted, and mounting it only all things considered the facts are actually verified.

Four key ways to steering clear of fraudulence or misrepresentation:

Sellers must have the skill to understand for sure the things they themselves are selling and buying. This is not to mention that there are not bargains available in local flea markets, estate sales, and the like, but you manage a higher risk when selecting in such places as a consequence of possible misinformation , intentional or elsewhere. You must weight the chance versus the opportunity reward. Moreover, before making a last purchasing decision, determine whether or not it will be easy to find the seller again if that which you bought is other than represented. This really is equally true when you are traveling and considering a jewelry purchase abroad.

Avoid getting afraid must direct, even pointed questions. The main element to getting complete specifics of what you are buying is asking good questions to help you be sure you are aware about important factors affecting quality and value.

Be sure owner is willing that will put the answers to the questions you may well ask, and any representations made with regards to the gem or jewelry you're thinking about, in writing. Or even, we recommend against purchasing using this seller unless there's an unconditional return policy allowing merchandise to returned inside of a reasonable length of time for a 100 % refund (not a store credit).

It's particularly important to verify whatever continues to be put in writing using a professional gemologist appraiser. Some unscrupulous dealers are able to put anything in some recoverable format to make the sale, understanding that written assurances or claims regarding the stone in many cases are sufficient in order to meet buyers' doubts. This last step could be the most important to make sure you make a smart decision.

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