Staying At A Hotel In Torquay

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By John Wiggington

Torquay is a small town in Devon county, England, and is located a few miles to the south of Exeter. It is a rather popular town and is famously known as the English Riviera. Staying at a hotel in Torquay gives a chance to anyone, whether travelling on business or pleasure, to enjoy the riveting scenes and locations in the town.

The most famous attraction in the town is Kents Cavern. This British Stone Age site has evidence of human life existing nearly seven hundred thousand years ago at the town. Along with strata and other bits of evidence, several explorers have been to the site to confirm the suspicions of the first person to explore the caves extensively, Reverend McEnery.

There are many famous politicians, personalities and leaders that have visited the site over the years. These include Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, King George V and the Agatha Christie. Coincidentally, this was the home town of the author and a place she spent most of her life at.

Anyone in town must also visit the living Coasts. These are known to have been in existence since the seventeenth century. It also has a site where a saloon was built. Within it was a complicated array of private bathing facilities, a conservatory, a bath and a theatre.

Signs of existence of the bath are visible to this day. Several contractors have put in proposals to make the site a conservancy for fish and birds. There is an ongoing project right now to convert the location into a tourist attraction for other reasons.

A person saying at a hotel in Torquay can also visit the Babbacombe model village or the Babbacombe theatre. There is a balloon from which persons can see the town from an aerial perspective. It must be a particularly good place to visit.

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